5 iPhone Apps for Bloggers


When you need to access your blog with perfect blogging tools, then you need a iPhone which has thousands of blogging apps that would let you to work more productively from your mobile phone (iPhone). Today here is the list of best 5 iPhone apps for bloggers which could turn your work more easier on the go !

1. iBlogger

Forget about apps made specifically for different blog websites! iBlogger supports almost all blogs, including WordPress, MoveableType, TypePad, Xanga, Blogspot, and many more! It supports blogging with pictures, links, categories, and location, all at the touch of a finger! Best of all, iBlogger is extremely user-friendly. Additional features include automatic configuration, tagging to help promote the blog, a customizable standard signature, URL keyword type for URL entry, and secure HTTPS connections.

2. ShoZu

Another great multi-function app. ShoZu connects bloggers to all kinds of different essential sites, including Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Photobucket, WordPress, Mypace. It allows you to blog to all of these places, plus send to e-mail addresses, all at once. This is great for bloggers who use multiple networking sites to promote their blogs. It even allows bloggers to post pictures and videos up to 60MG to multiple websites with one click! ShoZu also connects to Photoshop, so photos can be edited before they’re sent.

3. EverNote

Arguably the best personal organizer service available for bloggers on iPhone. It helps bloggers remember everything from their real and digital lives by allowing them to take notes, snap photos, record audio, bookmark sites, and create to-do lists. Because EverNote also has platforms on Mac, Windows, and the web, everything is seamlessly synchronized. One extra-awesome feature of this app is that if a blogger snaps photos that include writing, such as whiteboards, business cards, billboards, or even wine labels, EverNote will automatically make the text within those image searchable when the user goes to find something later. Everything is also searchable by tags, dates, locations, people, and more.

4. ShapeWriter

Provides exciting new text input technology for the touchscreen. Although most people had their doubts about this one at first, it actually seems to work: the software enables bloggers to enter text into their iPhones by tracing the word shape instead of slowly entering each letter. For example, to type out the word “blog,” one would put a finger on the “b,” slide over to the “l,” up to the “o,” and onto the “g,” and then remove the finger from the keypad. Most users agree that the accuracy is surprisingly on-spot. As for rare names, acronyms, and the infrequent unrecognized word, bloggers can type it in once, and then ShapeWriter will remember it for next time. Essentially, this app is a huge timesaver, even for bloggers whose fingers seem to move at the speed-of-light when typing regularly.

5. Analytics App

An undeniable necessity for bloggers who really care about the traffic to their blogs! It provides total access to all Google Analytics data and supports multiple accounts on multiple sites. Its Overview Reports allow for a quick glance at the most important data, including Visitors Overview, Traffic Overview, and Content Overview. However, more than 55 reports are available, including visitor loyalty, recently, and length of visit; and traffic reports including referring sites, search engines, and keywords. For bloggers who choose to advertise on their sites, the Analytics App helps keep track of how much money they’re making through ad-views.

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  1. vijay says:

    I like analytics app among these five…

  2. I’ve tried iBlogger and it is an awesome app. Thanks for sharing.


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