10 Reasons to Ditch Windows XP


Are you one of those users who still use Windows XP on their computers, regardless of the era they are in? If yes, read on…

Windows XP has been Microsoft’s most successful operating system till date and it turns 8 years old now, the sad truth is people are finding it more difficult to move on. The growth rate of computers and people learning computers increased twofold after the millennium and XP was released in 2002 which means that most of the PC users today started learning computers with XP and fell in love at first sight, making it difficult for them to adapt to any other interface.

XP is passé, 7 is in!

Microsoft has been strongly promoting Windows 7 by adverts, removing compatibility for XP in future products etc. But, is it really advisable to ditch XP?? My answer to this question would be a straight YES.

XP isn’t cool at all!

Well, some of you may hate me for saying that XP isn’t cool. But, the truth is it’s just an illusion. Windows 9x/2000 and XP series don’t have big changes between them and people easily moved on and companies were also willing to deploy newer OS’es as they hit the market. This isn’t the case for Vista. When Vista was first out, some people were disappointed about the huge interface changes. A friend of mine hated the start search! :P . When a company changes a particular software to a new one, the employees productivity decreases since they need some time to adapt to the change. Companies aren’t ready for this (since Vista/7 have big changes in comparison to XP). People have to start learning about the cool new features in Windows 7 and the better security it provides when compared to XP.

I strongly believe that the changes in Vista/7 are purely positive and Microsoft is going towards the right path.

Here are 10 reasons to Ditch XP (I believe these reasons are credible enough)

  • It doesn’t have UAC
  • It doesn’t support all your hardware forcing you to go driver shopping online.
  • It comes with IE 6
  • If you give importance to looks, It doesn’t have AERO.
  • It is designed to run happily on a 128 MB RAM and not on your 2GB machine. To make use of your computer fully, Upgrade to something new.
  • It cannot diagnose network issues automatically like Vista/7 does.
  • It looks bad on Huge LCD monitors. (this is the reason why I ditched XP)
  • It won’t be supporting IE9
  • It doesn’t support Office 2010 unless you have SP3 installed.
  • and finally, Windows 7’s Paint program is a lot better.

Though Microsoft has decided to Support Windows XP till 2014, It’s almost dead now. I feel that it’s time to ditch XP and move on to newer versions of Windows. If you think it’s a bit harsh on your pocket consider Ubuntu 10.04. It’s a lot better than Windows will ever be.

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  1. Suhas says:

    I will never ever ditch Windows XP. It serves my needs perfectly. It is the best Microsoft software till date.

    Also, if you use Vista/7 .. I think it will use more of the computer resources, hence decreasing the performance.

    Anyways, thats MY opinion…others can differ..

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      Well, My post is just a spoiler alert to the future. XP Might serve your needs perfectly, But, I predict that soon programs are not going to be compatible with XP.

    • I totally second this one. XP satisfies the needs of most users. Who needs UAC and Aero anyway? Ditch IE, install Firefox.

      Only upgrade if you really have a reason to upgrade, like a software you use doesnt work on XP anymore or something that serious. XP is the best so far :)

  2. 11th reason to ditch winxp, avoid vista (aka os-failure) and save money skipping windows 7: Ubuntu 10.04 is out, free, awesome, cool, runs on any hardware, it have full commercial and community support , run windows based applications and…. you don’t have to get a pirated version of photoshop as you get Gimp for $0.

    Please do Microsoft a favor and help them get better: Show them that better and cheaper alternatives are out there. When they start losing market share, they will maybe get back to the innovation focused organization they used to be.


  3. Alamin says:

    Thanks nice reason. And nice blog too. I like it

  4. Ashfame says:

    I disagree with many of your points here. Some are just flat irrelevant to point out. I myself switched from XP to Win7 and now on Ubuntu 10.04 but XP was rock solid stable unlike the new OS on old machines have issues.

    No offense but please don’t just write such titles when you are just expressing your opinion.

    • Ashutosh Mishra says:

      I don’t want to start a flame war or anything, but it’s just that stability doesn’t imply greatness in any way. XP is eight years old; there is just no way it canNOT be stable! And despite being stable, it doesn’t have proper search indexing, file prefetching, intelligent troubleshooters, intelligent firewall, intelligent anything. It gets wonky with multiple monitors; it still needs about a dozen security patches every month; it has awful keyboard shortcuts. Sure, you can fix most or all of these with third party tools, but you shouldn’t have to. A great OS is one that brings you the features you want all under one roof, in a unified, compatible manner. That’s the reason anyone who uses OS X is so astonished (except Linux users, for whom there’s nothing better than Compiz-Fusion-Beryl-Condensation-Metacity-Petapub-blah-blah). XP was great during its time, but it feels dated when compared to Windows 7. Hence, the post (I think so!). :)

      • Ashfame says:

        I just meant the points were not justified for the post title, I didn’t mean that XP should dominate :P

      • Ramkumar says:

        Cool interface alone doesn’t make an OS great, and talking about searching, troubleshooting, firewall -> No professional user would mind that. ( And guess what troubleshooting is a great joke in Windowss OS) . I never required any security patch for XP. Try that Windows XP 64 bit Vs. Windows 7 or Vista , you would know the difference. Vista sucks big time and I’m sure you knew it well.

        Lacking Aero theme, better paint and having IE6 cannot be disadvantages. Who cares about IE these days, People use IE to download Firefox alone. I reckon the above points of yours are based on the appearance and other simple features. Get in with real computing, Image processing, Video editing kind of actions, you will then agree Windows XP is ultimate. Windows 7 is in someways better than Windows XP > But a comparison between them is like comparing Rocky Balboa with Mason Dixon. Classic never dies.

        • Ashfame says:

          Exactly what I wanted to say. I love ubuntu very much.

        • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

          XP Might be a classic. But, the World has changed a lot after 2001.

          I agree that XP is the greatest Windows OS ever. But, it simply isn’t suitable/sufficient for today’s computing needs.

          Using XP is just an excuse since some people find it harder to figure out new features in Vista/7. But, the fact is everything is a lot simple in newer Windows OS’es than XP.

          I don’t agree with you on Vista sucking big time. Vista is a great OS and I am using it without any trouble. Note that I am a power user and I use my computer to try a LOT of different programs but Vista has never given up on me.

        • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

          XP Might be a classic. But, the World has changed a lot after 2001.

          I agree that XP is the greatest Windows OS ever. But, it simply isn’t suitable/sufficient for today’s computing needs.

          Using XP is just an excuse since some people find it harder to figure out new features in Vista/7. But, the fact is everything is a lot simple in newer Windows OS’es than XP.

          I don’t agree with you on Vista sucking big time. Vista is a great OS and I am using it without any trouble. Note that I am a power user and I use my computer to try a LOT of different programs but Vista has never given up on me.

          • Randeep DHADWAL says:

            nothing has changed everything seems to be the same, if u ask me then xp and vista both would be an ideal combination, as a dual boot , because xp might be simple to use but vista is strong and sturdy , also the best of the softwares and games work only on xp easily, but xp lacks internet facility vista is strong over there, infact i would say say although people hate vista but according to me its the best software microsoft has come up with when it comes to stability

        • Ashutosh Mishra says:

          When you’re saying that a ‘professional’ won’t mind the indexed searching in Windows 7, you’re making some things very clear that I’ll prefer not to say. Pretty much everyone who is a good keyboard user will agree that Windows 7’s search-and-launch is one of its most awesome features.

          The ‘sucking’ Vista once had 19% of the market share. It was the first OS that came bundled with laptops and desktops to curb widespread piracy (I seriously doubt that you’re using a genuine copy of XP, btw). Vista was responsible for bringing down PC hardware prices. Ever dreamt about 16GB RAM in 2006? Vista was the stepping stone to 7; without something as spectacularly different (and subsequently, somewhat problematic) as Vista, we wouldn’t be rocking Windows 7 today.

          Image processing and video editing are more niche than real computing, because probably one in a thousand PC users ever does them.

          Talking about Windows XP and 64-bit, do you know the former is a big reason that the latter has forced 32-bit layer compatibility. Google will help you know why.

          Aero isn’t just a theme. Snap, Peek, Shake are awesome usability apps for mouse / keyboard users. And a lot of people care about how their desktop looks, btw. That’s a reason tools like Rainmeter and Samurize are popular with the geeks. Regular users find it overwhelming, so giving them something that’s simple and works is a good idea.

          Paint is one of the first apps that kids use on a computer. Giving them a better Paint doesn’t hurt anybody.

          A lot of people do seem to care about IE (70% market share in India, anyone?), probably because they’ve got no clue what a web browser is. Give them a fresh copy of Windows XP, and they’ll more likely than not stick with the stock IE 6 browser even if a lot of web services refuse to work with it. It’s like trying to make a wild chimp to open a lock – unless to teach it, it’ll clue have no clue with what to do with the key.

          XP isn’t classic. Windows 3.1 was probably classic. Maybe DOS. I don’t know if there is some enormous secret society following those operating systems like a cult.

          I’ll stop my rants here. We’re at least assured that we’ll still have XP users in 2030 and beyond, which actually doesn’t harm anybody and hence is a good thing. :)

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      Suggestion taken. Thanks.

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      I feel that Windows 7 is more stable in comparison to XP. I use Windows Vista and I love it. XP was awesome, But, It’s time to bid farewell to it just like how we did to IE 6. If people still use XP, then adding features to programs would be of no use since XP will become obsolete soon.

      Though I don’t agree with what you’ve said. I respect your opinion. Thanks.

  5. Ashutosh Mishra says:

    Great points, and I’d like to add a few points of my own :

    #1 XP is from the Jurassic age. The clever velociraptors used it to track down the veggie-saurs and hunt them. While it was pretty good at that and a lot of other things, it obviously fails to do a ton of stuff that more modern operating systems can do.

    #2 The recently released Karmic Koala is the first Linux version that I’d put above XP in usability. When a Linux is beating you at usability on desktops, you know it’s time to upgrade big time.

    #3 Microsoft is really freaked out that people won’t budge beyond XP. So it has just totally stopped fixing security holes on the unwielding behemoth. Ok that’s a lie, but there are far more security holes on XP than Vista or 7.

    #4 Whoever is on XP, should try Windows 7 at least once. If The Start Menu, Aero Peek, Shake, Snap, built-in troubleshooters, gadgets, rotating wallpapers, glassy everythings, awesome Windows Media Player, all around smoothness and a gazillion other stuff don’t win you over, you’re clearly a velociraptor.

    Quite seriously, it’s time to move beyond XP. You’ve made nearly all points out there in your post, and I really hope people just realize that XP is too old to hang out with the other OS es out there. XP was probably the biggest thing that ever happened in personal computing, but it’s time for it to die.

  6. Ashok says:

    nice, article, but i am sure that windows xp won’t die,, Internet explorer was released in 2001 i think till now lots of peoples are using IE6,, they don’t know about other great browsers,, while IE6 sill in market, xp too will remain in market for next 10 or 20 years,, eventhough i am using windows 7, i still love xp..

  7. Karlmay says:

    This is good post. I think still you should add more video and pictures because it helps understanding :)

  8. I would never ditch XP, but I would disagree with one point in your list-up that, In XP Huge screens look ugly, it isn’t the case..you need to set the proper resolution according to the screen size of the LCD, in Win 7 the webpages look certainly ugly with too much width aside..due to its resolution!

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      I have tried every single resolution my 23″ Monitor Supports and XP sure looks disgusting. During XP reigns there weren’t any Widescreens, so the wallpapers and other stuff made to appeal you visually don’t work on widescreen. Try Vista/7 once on a Widescreen. You’ll be bowled over.

  9. Ajay says:

    Windows 7 has some additional features that’s all.
    Many people tend to “ditch” old things just because they are old, without considering their advantages.
    Windows 7 uses a lot more of your computer’s resources for useless features.
    Microsoft wants its best creation to be thrown away in order to sell its new products.
    If only Microsoft could launch “Windows XP 2011 Edition”. Then I guess nobody will ask for Windows 7 and, yes, it would be beneficial for Microsoft, too.


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