TubeChop : Cut Interesting Part of YouTube Video


An interesting fact about YouTube is, YouTube is founded because the creators of youtube wanted to share some dinner party videos with their friends as email programs wont allow such bigger files. So sharing a particular portion of the video from the whole one is made easy just by trimming the video.

Today we have a web application which helps us to split the Youtube video into specific timeframe as you prefer. You can chop down the video to your favorite parts and share it with friends.

Tubechop is a simple web application with easy use interface. It splits YouTube video to any desired timeframe and allows us to embed in any blog/website. You can chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it with friends.

You don’t have to go to for searching videos and their urls. Just put your keywords in tubechop and get the videos. Once you have the video, just use the left black bar and right black bar to select the time frame which you want to chop it. Left black bar is for staring time and right black bar is for the ending time of video. Move it around and fix it.

Now hit the chop button, your video gets chopped and you can embed the chopped video to blog/website or even share it with friends on social network.

TubeChop – Homepage

Do you the like app ? hope it will be useful for all :)

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  1. vijay says:

    Awesome post,Let me try once this tube chop…

  2. Tech Sputter says:

    that video was really funny n this tube chop…… s really interesting

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