Preview YouTube Video as Thumbnail View Using Youtube Thumbs Chrome Extension


Have you ever searched videos on bing search engine ? If not, go and try it now. When you search some videos on bing search engine, before viewing the particular video, you can preview it just by moving hover your mouse on the video.

Same like that, today we have an chrome extension for previewing videos as thumbnail view on YouTube. It’s pretty nice when you’re on youtube, just put your mouse over a video in the search results and it will show you pictures from the video instead of a single picture. So it makes it easier to find the kind of videos your looking for.

When comparing this feature with bing, on bing you can watch the preview video with sound. But here with this chrome extension, you can just view the pictures instead of video. Just by hovering the mouse, it can give users a few more preview images on the selected video.

I cannot show you the screenshot of video preview, so just install the extension, search for some videos on YouTube and move your mouse over the video before clicking it. You can feel it.

YouTube thumbs helps you to preview the video with some more images instead of boring static preview image on the Youtube search results. To be simple, it will display a sequence of still images of the particular video when users hover or point to it.

YouTube Thumbs Chrome Extension – Download

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