Planning to Buy Camera ?? Flickr ‘Camera Finder’ is Here!


You all know Flickr is a fantastic website that allows you to share photos and videos. Do you know one thing ? When you upload a image which was taken using a digital camera to flickr, the metadata (EXIF) in your image like camera model, exposure level, flash used or not, etc all these information will also be uploaded with the image. We have also recently seen a tool to delete all these metadata in images. but normally people upload images directly from their digital camera’s to Flickr album.

So when they upload photos, these metadata information is also uploaded. Flickr Camera Finder tool will help you to buy a camera. It makes your decision easier. Why i am suggesting flickr camera finder tool is, Flickr is basically used by many professional photographers worldwide, so when they upload the images to their flickr album, this flickr camera finder tool will collect the image metadata info and makes a graph on it.

When you look at the above picture, it clearly shows the most popular camera brands and their models used by the professional photographers. So, you can assume that they are the best around the market. You can also look into the detailed information on each model.

For example when you take Canon EOS 450D, first it shows the picture of the camera, then specifications, then graph displaying the usage of the camera in this year and also number of photos and videos taken using the camera. It also displays images which are taken using that particular model. So, that it gives you a clear idea about the model and also sample pictures taken with that model.

Flickr Camera Finder – Link

yes, we have found the correct digital camera and also we learned about the specification and features. Now the main part is the price of the digital camera. We should know the budget, so that it could be easy for us to compare the price and go for the best ones.

Now to know the price of the camera. Just copy the camera model number and Open your and paste the model number. Click the shopping icon which you can see on your left side, Google displays the price of the particular model, you can also buy it online.

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