HowTo Create Custom Tab For Facebook Fan Page/Profile ?


Tabsite is the best alternative for static FBML on Facebook. FBML on Facebook requires some coding skills and installation. Generally FBML application helps to integrate your static HTML page into your Facebook page. It is a great way to welcome new visitors and turn them into fans. First time visitors usually land on the wall, which really doesn’t say much of what you’re all about. When you create a separate tab or landing page for your first time visitors, then you can turn them into your loyal fans.

So, FBML application requires little knowledge on coding skills, throw it away. Now you don’t want to have the coding knowledge and design skills, you don’t want to hire someone. You can do it yourself with the help of this tabsite.

Tabsite is a simple application that lets you to create your custom tab on Facebook. You can add the custom tab to your profile or your Facebook fan page.

1. Just sign up on tabsite, it has 4 account type – Free, basic, standard, pro.

2. Free profile tab site can allow you to create up to 2 sub-pages, photo manager up to 5MB etc.

3. Now once you have signed up, go to Tab manager

4. Create welcome page by just assigning title, enter your wordings in the box which is on your right side.

5. Save and publish.

6. You can add the tabsite to your facebook profile by clicking the + button and adding it.

7. Once it is added, you will be able to see a custom tab with your own message on it. You can also see two sub pages (welcome | welcome) to your main custom tab page.

For further detailed tutorial, you have a bunch of video’s that explains how to sign up for personal tabsite, how to add application to your Facebook profile, how to add it on your Facebook fan page.

Tabsite – Homepage | Video Tutorials

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  1. Sanjeev says:

    Very interesting post about branding for a company as well. Facebook is having around 500 million users and this kind of special dedicated tab for such a purpose will definitely help getting traffic from there as well as promoting stuff over there.

  2. nice tut bro.. hey what about without ads??? is there any like that??

  3. Hey, thanks for the review on your blog! We’ve just added ability to add RSS feeds to one of the pages you create within your TabSite so now you can add your blog and Twitter within your fan page TabSite as well.

  4. Another great sharing from you Srivathsan.Really impressed.

  5. vijay says:

    Great share,let me try “tab share”…

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