HowTo Create Beautiful Tag Clouds ?


You might have seen tag clouds on various blogs displaying the post tags, today i met a little neat web application which helps us to create visually stunning tag clouds. Tag clouds are nothing but generating clouds of keywords by manually inserting the keyword or displaying from any webpage.

Tagxedo is a simple web application which helps us to create tag clouds by inserting keywords manually or taken from webpage. Once the tag cloud is created, when you hover the mouse on the keyword, it pops up awesomely. Thanks for the rendering in silverlight. It has tons of customizations.

You can control the font used on your cloud, the shape of the cloud such as heart, start, bird and also you can customize the color scheme, word density etc. It has no fuctionality except the visually stunning tag clouds. You can generate a excellent tag cloud of your love letter or famous speeches and then print it and hang the frame on wall.

Some of the features of Tagxedo –

1. Save your cloud image upto 16 MP and it can take upto 600 words.

2. Check out the gallery for some excellent tag clouds

3. Fully customizable, change fonts, colors, themes, shapes, word density etc.

4. Actually they say you can embed into your webpage, but not officially released yet

5. If you can’t see the cloud, you need to first install Silverlight.

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  1. vijay says:

    Excellent,funny Tag cloud app will catch the reader eyes tend to fall,Thanking you…

  2. tiffany says:



  1. Create beautiful Tag clouds…

    Create beautiful Tag clouds…

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