Secrets Revealed : HowTo Engage With People on Twitter ?


Many people have ego in their hearts and don’t start a conversation and fail to be successful on twitter. Some people don’t know how to start a conversation. If you want to attract more followers and be a top person on twitter, engaging with others on Twitter is important. Engaging is making the other person feel important. So, one of the main key to be successful on twitter is engaging with fellow tweeps.

If you haven’t read the 25 golden rules of twitter, please read that first, then revert back here to know how to start engaging with tweeps.

The best way to connect with new people is by giving them a compliment, make them feel nice and so that they get attracted to you.

1. First throw your ego’s and send a tweet to the new twitter friend.

2. Remember, conversations with your new twitter friend must be on safe topics and be positive always.

3. Listen to the opposition point of view, rather than forcing your views on them.

4. If you don’t feel like sending a tweet, you can send a Direct message, so that your conversations will be personal and also private.

5. If someone mentions you in a tweet or DM’s you, make sure that you reply them.

6. I already said, giving a compliment makes them feel nice, so start giving compliments, ask questions, share your ideas or give feedback to them. these are some nice ways to start a conversation.

7. Re-tweet their links so that it can provide you a space for starting a conversation.

8. View their recent updates and know what they like to talk about etc.

9. Before starting a conversation with a twitter friend, visit their blog/website and know about them. So that you can start a conversation by complimenting their blogs or websites.

10. If you don’t want to follow these steps, come out and ask your followers if there is anything you can do for them ? so that you get engaged with people automatically.

11. Use #FollowFriday, acknowledge them and there by start a beautiful conversation.

12. Find who is following you and Introduce yourself to them.

13. When Someone adds you to their twitter list, say thank you and If you add someone to your twitter list, Give them a shout-out.

14. ‘Good Morning’ or ‘what are you up to?’ are 2 simple engaging tweets.

Hope these points will help you to get engaged with tweeps ;)

If you have any other similar points to help people engage on twitter, you can share with us anytime :)

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  1. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    Nice Post. This is surely going to be an Ice-Breaker for new Tweeple.

  2. Marlene says:

    These are all useful tips for me. I haven’t really utilized Twitter to the max to connect with my followers. I have been mentioned on a FollowFriday tweet but I didn’t understand what it was. Now I am enlightened, thanks to you.

  3. Thanks for the great tips

  4. li says:

    Pretty ordinary stuff. The title is so polished but the stuff inside is almost like piece of shit.

  5. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    Actually this is pretty good for Twitter newbies like me cos I really do not have even 1 real friend in Twitter unlike Facebook where I engage a lot. It seems I should start engaging in Twitter too.

    • Bob Martin says:

      am having the same probs, am having many real frds on FB, chat wid them as well but newbie on twitter
      will try to follow those useful steps, thanks ;)

  6. Legalbear says:

    I posted a video tutorial on my internet marketing blog about how to make use of #FollowFriday to engage your followers with a minimum of effort on your part.
    This has been warmly received by my followers as you may tell by some of the comments I have gotten. Bear

  7. Ajay says:

    nice options brother, surely i am following when u send a dm message to my twitter account


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