5 Websites To Download Free Blackberry Themes


When you buy a new Blackberry mobile phone, it has some default theme which makes you bore after using it for few days. Moreover you’re new to the world of Blackberries and you may not know where to find out the high quality Blackberry themes for your model and also many might end up in a premium blackberry themes. So, today we are going to see few websites which offers nice blackberry themes free of charge.

All these websites have theme galleries and also you can find different quality blackberry themes for your specific model. All these sites provides you quality free themes that will enhance your Blackberry experience.

1. Crackberry

Crackberry is the number 1 website for blackberry users. It has a very good quality of blackberry accessories, applications, wallpapers, ringtones and themes. You can find answers to almost any blackberry issues on their forums. The themes section has organized in a simple way so that you can choose your device and look into the themes.

2. BlackberryThemes

Blackberrythemes.net is specially dedicated for free blackberry themes. This website is organized by device and you can easily browse through the themes, preview it and have it delivered to your blackberry phones.

3. Blackberry Freaks

4. BlackberryThemes.co.uk

This website contains over 450 free themes for most of the blackberry models. Every theme is in a zip file.

5. Blackberry ThemePark

If you find any similar service for downloading free blackberry themes, do share it with us !

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  1. vijay says:

    Excellent collections,sweet news for blackberry lovers.

  2. Farukh says:

    Exxcellent Collection Yaar.. I hopes you will post some goodies for O2

  3. I don’t have Blackberry, so I just pass it to my twitter followers.

  4. Michelle says:

    You forgot to add Cool BlackBerry Themes to your list. By far the best selection of free themes I have found.

  5. decko048sfi says:

    still too expensive for lower middle class in my country. I hopes you will post some goodies for O2

  6. chalikovas says:

    Nice themes i really like it.,

  7. Bob Martin says:

    will recommend this post to my friends using Blackberry :)

  8. Eugene Mahlawole says:

    Guys plz help me out wen eva I download with my blackberry it has this rem file type I know it is an encryption bt how do I remove it from heppening

  9. kendra says:


  10. Quertime says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. blackberrythemes.co.uk says:

    Thank you for the mention.

    Just to give everyone the heads up.
    Blackberrythemes.co.uk has been updated we now have a Forum and news site as well as 100s offree BlackBerry Themes in OTA format.

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