HowTo Display Flickr Photo album Inside Facebook ?


We have seen how to show Picasa web albums to Facebook, but Flickr is one of the largest photo sharing services on the Web. Professional photographers mainly use Flickr to display their works. When you want to showcase your activities to your Facebook friends, you don’t need to upload your works again on Facebook album, today let us see how to display your Flickr photo stream on Facebook.

My Flickr Facebook app displays your Flickr photos and photosets to your Facebook friends. When ever you update your Flickr album, it automatically creates a mini feed and updates on Facebook profile. Let us see what are all the features MyFlickr app provides and also we can see how to connect your Flickr album inside your Facebook account.

HowTo Show Flickr Album in Facebook ?

1. Go to MyFlickr app

2. Authenticate your Flickr profile.

3. Once you’ve authenticated, you can search for the photos you want to show using simple Search criteria such as recent Photos, Tags, Photosets, Favorites, Groups, etc.

4. You can also easily showcase your Photo Search results on your Profile/Page or My Flickr profile Tab.

5. Refresh your photos manually or choose automatic refreshing.

6. Quickly update changes to your Mini-Feed and display your photos how you want them in different layouts.

My Flickr respects your Flickr photo privacy settings; therefore, by default, only photos marked as Public on Flickr will be shown on Facebook. You can also allow My Flickr to show photos marked with a different privacy setting. Choose to display your photos to all of Facebook or just your Friends.

If you’re a Flickr addict, a must try Facebook app to showcase your skills to your Facebook. Just try out and if you face any issue when connecting, drop in the comments section.

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