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Business cards are used to represent yourself and your company. When you attend some meetings or conferences, giving your business cards to attendees will grow your business in future and also develop your contacts for further business dealings. So, here is a simple way to design your digital business card online.

BizCreator helps you to create free business cards using your own logos and backgrounds. Just enter your information like company name, your name, position, street address, phone number, email id etc then select your business card style and print or save it.

HowTo Design Business Card Online ?

1. Go to BizCreator

2. Fill up the form with your name, company name, job title, position, street address, email id, phone number etc.

3. Now select the style of business card.

4. You can change the background design, font style, colors, custom logo, etc.

5. Once everything is done, you can preview it

6. If you have printer at home, check the browser settings once like margins etc and Print the business card.

7. You can also save it to your computer to print more cards at a later date or make easy updates.

Design Business Card Online – Homepage

If you’ve come across any similar type of online tool to design business cards, you can share it with us :)

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  2. Looks like a cool tool to create business cards online. Thanks for the tutorial mate.

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