Create Video Tournaments and Decide Which Video is the Best?


When you just want to have a bet on a video to find out which video is the best one ? You need YouTourney, a place for YouTube video Tournaments. It helps in running video competitions easy. You have to compete two videos and people in the community would vote for the best video.

YouTourney is a web application which helps in running a video competitions easy. All you need to do is, just put 2 videos which are going to compete and people can watch both the videos and decide which one they like better and click the Vote button. Any one can vote.

Have you ever thought a video tournament between Justin Bieber vs. Lady Gaga? You can create it now for free. All you need is a free account on YouTourney. Once your free account is created, you can submit your entry just by copying the embed code from any Youtube video.

Anyone can submit any video to a tournament (it doesn’t have to be your video). Each video can only be submitted to a tournament once, but a video can be submitted to many different tournaments. All videos must come from third-party websites such as YouTube.

This is all with entering tournaments, now we will see on creating tournaments. There are two types of tournaments, Knockout Tournament and Battle Royale. Knockout tournaments videos are paired up with each other and the highest votes moves to the next round, this continues untill the winner is declared. On Battle Royale, there is only one round and every entry is paired up with every other entry in random matchups. The video with the most votes total at the end of the tournament wins!

Next thing after creating tournament is, filling up tournament Name, tournament Rules, entry Deadline, and round Length – and YouTourney automates the rest! Once you’ve done, start focusing on promoting your Tournament to maximize its exposure.

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