Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose NameCheap for Registering Domain Names


As you all know, this blog Madras Geek is registered under NameCheap domain registrar, and I’m very happy with their service. All you need is just few $$ for purchasing the domain, rest will be taken care of their customer support. You can find 24×7 customer support including live chat.

NameCheap is one of the best domain registrar’s around the web and I’m one among their happy customers. Today let me list out the top reasons on why I choose NameCheap to register my domain name. I can find everyone yelling Go Daddy !! Go Daddy !! Yes, I’m going to tell you .. just read on ..

I recommend you to go for NameCheap domain registrar because of the following reasons :

1. As I mentioned earlier, their live chat customer support. You don’t need to be technically sound or a geek to play with websites etc. Just purchase the domain and rest of the things like setting up servers, WhoIsGuard security, everything will be helped by their staffs.

2. The domains are cheap when compared to other domain registrar’s. You can compare NameCheap with other domain registrars. Don’t see the first year purchase amount, because many registrars offer domains for 1$ But when you renew for the next years, you will be charged high.

3. It provides free E-mail/URL Forwarding. You can set up a free blogspot blog and Forward the domain url to the free blogspot blog and Also it gives you free email account like

4. It also provides free WhoIsGuard (Free for 1st year) which will help you to protect from spammers and other hackers. When you register with other domain registrars you will be charged separately for this. So, this service is free on

5. This is the highlight of Namecheap and I choose Namecheap only for this advantage. At the time when I bought my domain name, My PayPal id is not verified but then I bought the domain using PayPal. Yes, You do not need verified PayPal account for transferring funds. Just transfer your amount from paypal to Namecheap account. From Namecheap account, purchase the domain name.

So these are the five reasons why I recommend NameCheap. If you have any issues in buying/transferring the domain name, feel free to contact me anytime. You can use the contact page.

If you’re also Namecheap customer, tell us why you like NameCheap ?

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  1. vijay says:

    Thanks for a great info,I am trying to get own domain soon,got good suggestions from you…

  2. Siddhu says:

    I didn’t know the paypal advantage… Then I better go for namecheap when I renew my domain :D

  3. Olusegun says:

    I like Go Daddy for a simple reason – they are reliable. I have not used any but them. Since you’ve had a great experience with NameCheap and you think they are cheaper why do you do a cost analysis to further prove your point?

  4. Steve says:

    I am pretty much tied to GoDaddy with over 30 domains registered there. But I have heard good things about NameCheap lately.

  5. Puneet says:

    I have seen this article yesterday.
    Today I updated my facebook status with this – “Godaddy sucks…. Even though my Paypal account is verified. It needs me to attach my credit card account to paypal to make payments….. Planning to move my domain to some other service”

    And when I logged into my facebook account few mins back I saw the link to your article. I Will try

  6. I will stick to GoDaddy, though for un verified paypal I use ;)

  7. AC says:

    I saw your tweet regarding NameCheap. I like NameCheap as well but your list is not entirely accurate.

    LiveSupport is only helpful in answering basic questions. LiveSupport is useless in addressing any technical issue and are quick to request you open a support ticket. Response to support tickets are helpful but slow.

    NameCheap is priced competitively and is a good value for those who need the privacy protection. They are not however the cheapest place to registrar most TLDs.

    NameCheap WhoisGuard privacy protection is only free for the first year. It is $2.88 per yer after the first year but coupons are usually available to reduce the price to $0.99. The Email is a forwarding account only.

    NameCheap is incapable of properly managing DNS and frequent DDOS attacks take down their network. This makes the free URL forwarding useless for anything of importance and prevents domain management when their site is down.

    NameCheap is a eNom reseller and like eNom is quick to release information to third parties. NameCheap’s affiliate program has no transparency and a few affiliates have complained about not being paid. Their CEO does not maintain a professional level in his post on WHT and seems to hold grudges.

    Notwithstanding all these factors, NameCheap is a good option for the average person. If you are a marketer, domainer or have high value names you may want to look elsewhere.

  8. vijay says:

    Srivatshan,Thanks for your support,I need your help very much…

  9. Bob Martin says:

    5th point was the main reason y i chose namecheap to book my first domain

    and hey i guess they provide “WhoIsGuard” free for the first year only

  10. Eric says:

    Namecheap is shit. They only care about easy problems

  11. We’re satisfied Namecheap customers. Never had a problem with our main domains.

    We did need their tech support with other domains in the past and most of the time support was great.

    Their site and buying procedures are much clearer than Godaddy’s, which tries to trick you into buying stuff you don’t need.

  12. DJ says:

    I will have to agree with AC

    For a person who has one domain name or maybe 5 domain names namecheap is VERY good. I own about 400 domains and I have them on different registrars, one of them is dotster, and I fell out of love with them mostly based on pricing, so I started switching over to NC and although prices are a bit better, godaddy offers a much better overall package. I can easily find coupons for renewals for $7 and the best NC can do is $8.81 ( after u have 50+ domains ) and when u have hundreds of domains it makes a difference. I asked for a better price and they said once I have 300+ domains, they will give me a $8.41 price LOL what a joke. Yes, I do agree that GD makes you go thru so many pages before you can buy or renew a domain that it is a bit annoying, but when I am saving over $25 every transaction… ( based on the amount of domains I own ) I dont mind it much.

    I also keep getting those emails and keep reading the tweets about DDOS and DNS attacks… And it seems they can not do anything about it, interesting as this is the only registrar I know of who has major issues with that.

    I have no experience with their reseller accounts, but what AC wrote is not great to read.

    Is that paypal account that much of a big deal ? I have always used credit cards ( great way to earn some points ) and I do not see the big deal about paypal… But if that is a positive thing for most, then good.

    Overall I give them a C and will keep them for now, as I look at another option. They need to go on their own so that they do not depend on eNom and can provide better prices and service.

  13. Hashim says:

    @ AC I know domain marketers (actually one who recommended me Namecheap) who use NC but if one is getting $7 renewal at GD for domains around 400 then its great, but point is that you get coupon from GD itself as a gift for having large number of domains or do you search for coupons online? In this case one can’t guarantee $7 renewal all time

    I am a NC user and I have almost all (almost all because NC don’t have .in which is bad) domains at NC just because of its simplicity, reliability and excellent support. GD here fails with their pathetic control panel which require some PHD degree to understand and support is nothing good to talk. I work for clients who have GD so I know this very well.

    @Srivathsan G.K : whois guard is free only for one year and you have to pay for it from next year. Please correct that in your post.

  14. DJ says:

    Hey Hashim,

    I think your comment was directed at me, about the 400 domains. Yes, I get coupons from GD, but that is easy to fin online. I can get their special pricing but I think I get just a good deal looking for coupons than being stuck with a gold account or w/e they call their plan.

    I have NO experience at all with .in domains, so I have no idea what to tell u about that.

  15. Sunny Saxena says:

    What a nice information I got from your article, Bhai…

    I have been a GoDaddy user for quite a long time. But when it came to make a payment through PayPal. They must require a PayPal account verified by CC, which I do not have.

    So, I certainly was aware of NameCheap, but then I thought to first make a check on NameCheap, if they follow the same procedure. So I went to Google and entered this term “namecheap paypal” – There I found your article title more relative, and I went through it.

    Your article helped me a lot. When I read the 5th point, I felt relived. But then again, my mind pointed me towards the 1st point. So I straight away went to the NameCheap website and I Chatted with the Customer Support to solve all of my queries…

    They solved them all. Guys… I’m a website flipper. I buy and sell number of websites each month. I STRONGLY recommend NAMECHEAP as opposed to GODADDY.

    BTW Thanks very much Srivathsan G.K

  16. Jack Cola says:

    I love NameCheap. I am in my second year with namecheap, and have over 7 domain names, and $90+ in credit and I haven’t spent one cent.

  17. Mortin says:

    I am looking for cheap domain. I will try to as early as possible.

  18. abhi says:

    hi,i am a big fan of ur site :)

    i stay in india …i thought i would start a site too and i thought or registering with namecheap..i do not have a credit card ..and namecheap does not accept Indian debit cards…Being from India How do you pay to namecheap???pls reply back to my mail..

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