Carry Your Passwords in Your Wallet Like Credit Cards


Passwords are like underwear.. You should change yours often, don’t share it with friends, the longer are better and don’t leave yours lying around. We have already come across the 15 useful tips when creating a password for your online accounts. Today we have another tool which can be used offline and interesting too.

PasswordCard is a credit card-sized card you keep in your wallet, which lets you pick very secure passwords for all your websites, without having to remember them! You just keep them with you, and even if your wallet does get stolen, the thief will still not know your actual passwords.

Its like piece of paper which you need to get it printed and keep it with you. The piece of paper contains unique grid of random letters and digits on it. The rows have different colors, and the columns different symbols. All you do is remember a combination of a symbol and a color, and then read the letters and digits from there. It couldn’t be simpler!

Not necessary that you need to remember symbols and colors, you can either remember symbols or color rows, you can read it from left to right or right to left. Just print and laminate the paper password card and keep in your wallet.

While printing, it also generates a random code like (553d061b462d8003) this is the number of your card. Store it somewhere safe! If you want to regenerate a card you lost, type the number on the website and hit enter. You get your card again, so that you can print it and keep it safe.

You can read more about the precautions and information about PasswordCard on their website.

Print Your Password Card Now! – Link

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  1. Chethan says:

    hahahaha! Bro! This is an awesome find!

  2. vijay says:

    Absolutely this is essential tool for blogger’s and web designers like you and me to keep all secret codes to safer place.It is hard to remember all my passwords naturally,i think this will help me to keep all my log-in data’s,Thanks for this one…

  3. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    This is actually quite interesting and can be very useful. I am only skeptical about learning the colors and symbols since I am quite a lazy person ;)

  4. abhi says:

    Well it s too complex for me :)

  5. Paritosh says:

    I’d rather store in my mobile …..

  6. Murugappan says:

    nice find, totally!! :)

  7. Men's wallets says:

    I have a rolfs leather wallet from wallet gear. Does this password card fit in any size wallet? How thick is it? Is it business card size or credit card size?

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