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We have seen online tool adobe browser lab for cross browser testing, mainly cross browser testing is very much important to web designers and developers to check their products across different browsers before they launch the product to the world. The tool which we saw earlier was an online tool and you need to register for using it.

You cannot expect internet connection all the time, you may work sometimes offline, so today we have a multi browser screenshot application and its an desktop tool that allows you to capture an image of your website under multiple browsers with a single click of a mouse.

BrowserSeal is a new fastest cross browser testing tool available today. It allows you to capture an image of your web site under multiple browsers with a single click of a mouse and instantly inspect the differences.

BrowserSeal is not just a screenshot application, it comes with standalone versions of all major browsers, allowing the developer not only to verify the web site layout under all browsers, but also troubleshot the issue in case of a problem. It runs on Windows and works with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox 3.0 and 3.5, Google Chrome, Opera 8, 9 and 10 and Safari 3 and 4. It is heavily optimized for speed, which is especially evident on large web pages with scrollbars.

Some of the Features of BrowserSeal v1.5 –

* Better Windows 7 support

* It can capture local web pages, i.e. ones on your hard drive or company intranet.

* Screenshot delay that allows to pause before making a screenshot in order for flash, javascript and other AJAX content to load.

* Basic HTTP access authentication support

Why I choose BrowserSeal instead of other online tools which are available ?

BrowserSeal is different from the competing services and applications in three main areas :

1. It is an application, not a web service – so it is fast and there are no subscription fees.

2. It comes with standalone versions of all major browsers, allowing you not only to take a screenshot, but also to actually debug your site under the problematic browser.

3. There is version called BrowserSeal.Robot specifically designed for automation scripts with command line interface and batch mode processing support

All you need to do is, just install browserseal, type the url in the box and hit enter. Browser seal manages everything automatically, first it opens up each browser, goes to the specified url, takes full page screenshot automatically and the screenshot appears on your browserseal.

The trail version of browser seal is limited to firefox and internet explorer and one screenshot per session. So, when you use the full version which costs just 49 $, you can enjoy all the unlimited features.

You can purchase BrowserSeal here and try out the trail version here

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  1. Killer post buddy, nice use of by the apps developer :)

  2. blinkky says:

    Will try it =)

  3. Anish K.S says:

    Good one, me using fireshot in Ff and IE.

  4. Andy says:

    Cool…. need to try out…

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