Best Free Webmail Services Apart From GMAIL


I did some research online hunting for the best free email services available. We all know about G-mail and its interface. But, G-mail isn’t the only one around. In India, Yahoo and Hotmail are equally popular, but, there are still a lot of nice sites which are worth using at least as an alternative.

GMX Mail

This is my personal favorite apart from G-mail. I use this ID to subscribe to blogs and for opening accounts in forums, etc. It comes with an excellent spam filter and POP3 and IMAP access which make it even easier to access your mail from the comfort of Outlook or Thunderbird. Apart from the Web mail Interface, GMX also has a fairly good Mobile page. This will be very useful for checking mail on the go.

Storage: 1GB limit, unlike Hotmail or G-mail, the storage doesn’t grow with your needs.


The best thing about AIM mail is that it has practically unlimited storage. You can comfortably forget deleting emails. It lacks some options which other providers often, but, it sure makes a mark with the unlimited storage.

This is an Indian website run by Network 18. The email interface is above average but, it has a feature called INdrive which enables you to store any of your files up to 10GB. I have around 4 accounts and have an online storage of approximately 40GB. I am sure you will find it useful when you have a small HDD like mine. But, the problem is you need to download every file you need to access, which may not be economical. I’d recommend this for those users with unlimited usage and a faster bandwidth.

Other famous services

Apart from the ones mentioned above Yahoo! Mail, Aol, Windows Live Hotmail are the best.

A Dubious Fact

My ISP, BSNL have provided me with an Email account along with my broadband connection. The funniest thing about this is the Storage limit of a mere 5MB. If someone sends you an attachment of 7MB with the mail, it’ll bounce back to them.

Like everyone says, I strongly recommend that you use G-mail. But, these services can be a good alternative just in case G-mail temporarily goes down which has already many-a-time happened in the past. If you have to mention your mail address to create new accounts in forums and other sites, you can sign up with one of these providers.

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  1. Lokesh says:

    Cool Analysis. Nice Post…! You Should get guest bloggers often.

  2. abhi says:

    Never used gmx. It is new for me. I think gmail is still better.

  3. srivatsan says:

    Gmail is the best i guess.. The best part is that it has got SMTP access too , which lacks in almost all providers :) :)

  4. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    Yes, I agree with you. Gmail is the best. But, When you need a change, I am sure these ones will make your day.

  5. MostlyBlog says:

    wow good post buddy , never used GMX now i am going to try it.

  6. CCNA says:

    You simply forgot AOL’s . It is one of the most popular alternative webmail provider. You can get cool extensions like and many more

  7. Swaroopa says:

    gmx is something new for me.

  8. vijay says:

    Excellent collections,I like first one…

  9. Hotmail is loyel, with security and 25GB space. Thanks for the post.

  10. I came to know about Gmx later and I signed up with for registering and subscribing to blogs and numerous help forums.

    Apart from that, Hotmail to is a good option.

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says: is a good option too. You can choose between the cool domain names they offer. But, their interface kinda sucks.

  11. moi says:

    Sorry man but never had a mobile page… Would be nice but it seems they are not interested at all in this subject after already some years since it was opened and for other countries except German speaking ( The only mobile way is via pop/imap client of a phone. The interface is also little heavy and not working with all browsers.

  12. yes.. gmx is second to gmail.. absolutely

  13. swathireddy says:

    On web innovative invention with good marketing is important compare to following others ideas

  14. Biswanath says:, an email service of opera is simply the best. Even gmail can’t beat it on any other issue than the storage. There are, both are indian players and good enough.

  15. Biswanath says:

    Most secure webmail provide by I don’t like, they are not reliable. Many times I didn’t recieve emails sent to my id.


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