7 Online Music Tools For Musicians


There are millions of musicians around the world and everybody loves music which are mixed in our blood. Today we will see some free online music tools for musicians. There are tools like guitar, drums, keyboard etc which you can use it online, make remix, edit your tracks and audio clips.

All the tools play a perfect music editor for your compositions. There are variety of sound effects which you can use it just by a drag-n-drop feature. Wake up the musicians with you and create some awesome music using these free online music tools.

1. Audio Tool

Audio tool is one of the best music web app which lets you to create music from various instruments like drums, guitars, synths, perc, bass, house, vocals, dub and lots of other effects. You can create your own music by dozens of tools which are available. You can add sound effects and no registration required for trying it out.

2. Drumbot

Drumbot is a free online music app which helps you to create drumbeat generator and its perfect tool for percussionists and band musician who needs to synchronize their rhythm. For Drum beaters it is a must check out tool to master them. You can export your work in .wav format.

3. Myna

Myna is an audio mixer from the guys who are behind aviary online image editing application. You can upload your own files or use it from the free music library. You can record your own voice and mix it. It offers rich library of free music tracks, intros, loops and ends.

4. Electro-House Blender

Electro house blender is a cool online music mixer, just by a simple sign up you can create your own music tracks, with tons of sounds and instruments. It provides 800 different sounds and Once you’re done, you can save it and share it with friends and also you can embed it.

5. Mixxx

Mixxx is a free open source music mixing software, just install it and you can become a DJ in few minutes. Everything is controlled by few clicks on mouse. You can edit audio or mix music tracks. Im not going in detail, so just head over to their website and know more about it.

6. NoteFlight

Noteflight is a free online music composer that lets you to create, edit, display and play back music notation online. If you’re a music teacher, your music notes can be accessed by the students from the home using Noteflight because it acts as a note editor. You can share and publish your compositions online.

7. Splice

Splice is an online music maker where you can make your own music tracks and mix music online, you can use own audios and audios created by others. It has rich online sequencer, complete with real-time synths and DSP sound effects. It has more than 52000 songs and 40000 sounds of large free downloadable music database.

Hope all these tools will be helpful for DJ’s and music artists.

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  1. All these tools are new for me.Surely I’ll download some tools and try them.Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Adam says:

    check this website http://www.email2save.com good concept


  3. Soft music online Bridget Brigitte Thanks for your article I love it…

  4. Mark says:

    Noteflight sounds nice for note-based music. For chord-based music (guitar in my case), I use ChordView (http://www.chordview.com), which I find works very intuitively. It’s basically about lyrics with chords and keeping a database of songs that can be downloaded as pdf. Sweet.

    And of course, YouTube and GrooveShark are good for finding and listening to songs you’re trying to master.


  5. Nice and useful list for Music Lovers :)

    Loving it

  6. Good list! Will check them out!

  7. umashankar says:

    Logic pro, The God :)

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