5 Top Online Photo Printing Services


Digital pictures are great! In the old days, you had to buy film, load it into your camera, and take a fixed number of pictures. There was no way to preview your shots. And when it was time to order prints, you had to develop all the pictures on a roll of film–regardless of how good or bad they came out. Today, you can view each shot in advance and decide which, if any, to turn into physical prints. Once you’ve decided to have some prints made, where should you turn? Here are five good places to start.

1. SnapFish.com

SnapFish is one of the more popular photo printing services out there. They offer perks such as 20 free 4×6 prints with your first upload. They also allow you to store an unlimited number of photos online, and the signup process is quick and easy.

2. Shutterfly.com

Shutterfly is another popular online print service. Benefits of opening a free account include:

  • Unlimited storage with the promise that they never delete photos.
  • Secure storage of photos at full resolution.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • 50 free 4×6 prints when you sign up.

3. WalMart.com

Walmart has recently begun offering a reliable print service. This is an especially good option if you shop at Wal-Mart on a regular basis anyway. Why? Because you can pick up your prints when you go to buy other items, thus saving fuel and/or shipping and handling costs.

4. CVS.com

CVS may be a convenient choice if you live or work near one of their pharmacies. Besides offering affordable individual prints, CVS also provides options for printing scrapbook shots, photo collages, and even posters in a variety of sizes. Their turn-around time is excellent, and the quality of their prints is very good.

5. AmazingMail.com

AmazingMail provides a unique twist on the digital print concept. Instead of mailing prints to yourself, you can mail them to other people in the form of a postcard. This is a great option for those on vacation or for anyone who would like to send a custom postcard to friends and relatives far away. AmazingMail offers several options for the size and layout of your postcard. Their prices are affordable, and there’s no minimum order. So you can send that photo of you bracing the Leaning Tower of Pisa to all 30 of your friends or simply to Grandma Lina.

There are literally hundreds of online print services out there, but this list should give you a place to start. When selecting the service that’s right for you, just ask yourself: “When do I need these prints?”, “How good does the quality need to be?”, and “How much am I willing to spend?” Then choose the option that best fits your needs.

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  6. Hey this is great list, flickr picasa and facebook also offer the same. Thanks Tom

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