3 Ways to Share Videos on Twitter


We have seen all the possible ways to share music, photos, files on twitter. Finally why to leave videos ? So, just thought of sharing some useful websites to share videos on twitter. Here are the best 3 ways to share videos on twitter. Have you captured anything unique on your digital camera ? or covered any live event and wanted to share with your twitter friends ? Go ahead and read ..

HowTo Send Videos on Twitter ?

1. YouTube Autosharing –

Recently YouTube has added the auto-share feature that lets you to link your Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader accounts to YouTube and automatically send out an update as soon as you upload a new video.

2. TweeTube

Tweetube is a twitter tool that lets you to share videos, pictures, website links etc. It is not provided with oAuth, so you need to enter your twitter details and once you have entered, you can choose from the category such as share video or picture or website links etc. You can also search for Youtube videos and share it on twitter easily.

3. Twitvid

Twitvid is another tool for sharing videos on twitter. You don’t need a Twitvid account. You can sign in using your Twitter username and password. You can upload videos up to 2GB large and no restriction on the time length of the video. You can also record from your webcam. You could even use TwitVid from mobile phones, you have iphone app and blackberry app.

If you find any other similar app for sharing videos on twitter, do share it with us !

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  1. Karthick says:

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  8. Ileane says:

    Hi Srivathsan, I use Screenr to record and share videos on Twitter. Have you tried it yet. It’s great.

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