3 Online Tools to Backup Your Twitter Account


Twitter has become most popular place for everyone to spend time and also to get updates before they watch it on television. All the movie stars, sports players and politicians are on twitter. But, we should accept the fact that once the popularity goes high, hackers try to exploit it and show off.

No one wants to lose all their tweets, followers and friends. So, before happening its a good idea to back up your twitter archive on regular basis. Here are some free tools to back up your twitter account.

HowTo Backup Twitter Profile ?

1. Backup My Tweets

Backupmytweets is a service that provides daily tweet backups and allows you to view all of your tweets on one web page, or download in HTML, XML or JSON.

2. Tweetake

Tweetake is a simple tool to back up your followers, followings and your tweets. Just use your twitter credentials using oAuth method and select what you would like to backup such as followers or following or Dm or everything. Once you’re done, click and save them to your computer.

3. TweetBackup

Tweetbackup lets you to export and backup your tweets and friends list. Just signin using twitter oAuth method and tweetbackup will take care of your twitter account. You can export your backup file, view archived post and restore profile etc.

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  1. VISHAL says:

    I’m using backup my tweets…it’s free :)

  2. free comments for blogs says:

    Wow, to be honest, i never knew that there are tools which can back up your twitter! Thanks for this.

  3. sidduz says:

    Every tool is having its own benefit. Thnx GK for sharing. Great article :)

  4. cna training says:

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Bob says:

    hey guys, how do you use that? I have no idea about twitter but sounds pretty interesting.
    Cuz I backup at http://www.safecopybackup.com and found no prob with it and I use 3GB free which never expires.

  6. Hey, these are definitely helpful for those who don’t want to miss their tweets. :)
    tweetbook.in is also a similar site that lets you create an e-book containing all your tweets !

  7. I’m using Tweetake and TweetBackup and they work very well for me.

  8. @DianaWei says:

    Srivathsan G.K – awesome blog! Out of the three you wrote about, which 1 do you prefer out of all of them by chance?

    I didn’t realize Twitter doesn’t allow forever backup until I tried searching for past information that Twitter doesn’t save anymore. Thanks for the good tips!


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