3 Facebook Apps For Photo Editing


There are more than 550,000 active applications currently on Facebook Platform which adds more user experience on Facebook. Apart from connecting with people, facebookers spend most of their time on Facebook applications. Recently we have seen some Facebook application which will be helpful for college students, today we have some Facebook apps for editing your images inside within Facebook.

Facebook addicts can now enjoy editing their images from inside Facebook platform. They can edit their own profile pictures or friends image inside Facebook. No need of other online applications. Let’s see the best 3 Facebook applications for editing images.

1. Sketch Me

Bored with your profile picture? This Facebook app creates an artistic pencil sketch based on your profile photo ! You don’t have to do anything, this app will automatically create your sketch for you.

2. Picnik

Once you start, you cannot stop. Picnik makes you addicted and one of the best online photo editor. This tool is 100% free and you can auto- fix, rotate, crop, resize, exposure, color adjustments, basic sharpening, and red-eye fixing.

3. Phixr Photo Editor

Phixr is a photo editor that lives entirely in your web browser. Phixr can e-mail photos directly to your friends, and it can upload photos to your accounts at Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, SmugMug and many, many more. Phixr even fully supports Facebook’s photo tags! On the editing side, Phixr offers everything you’ll ever need: From simple cropping or resizing operations, to removing red-eyes, creating speech-bubbles, advanced noise-removal, and many more sophisticated effects and tools.

You can also know about the useful 8 Google chrome extensions for web designers and If you know any similar photo editing apps, do share it with us.

Note : You may wonder, there are many online editing tools and why should we go for a Facebook app ? These Facebook apps can take images directly from your Facebook profile or your friends images. So, if you want to edit your Facebook image quickly, you can use these Facebook apps inside from your Facebook platform.

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    That is a great list, Helpful in easy image editing straight away from Facebook

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    Excellent and rare collections are revealed here.Thanks for your info…

  3. Nisha Shah says:

    Great Applications.

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