10 Stages of Development in Blogger’s Life : From Amateur To Entrepreneur


I’m just getting bored on this sunday afternoon, so writing some personal thoughts – Please read and leave your feedback.

I have been into blogging for the past 12 months and can experience how my online life has changed. Just a quick flashback, I used to switch on my internet only to chat, connect with friends on orkut and other social networks. Other than that, I did nothing. Never knew there is a matter called blogging etc. Then started to search for some common computer problems and came to know about forums which helped me in troubleshooting, started learning some simple computer tricks, got interested in that and came to know about something called blogs where we can blab about something which we love.

Later, started with a free blogspot blog and used to help readers to solve their simple pc problems just by googling. The more you search on Google, the more you learn. It all happened in me just by myself. No one taught me how to blog, how to start a website or how to earn money. Just by Googling and learning from the mistakes. After some time addicted more to this and started to read good tech blogs and the tips on how to be a successful blogger. I’m just on my way to be successful :) These are the stages of development in my blogging life. Today the approach is very different from it was when I started.

With a small hope, I’m writing this post so that it could help you in some way and sure it will wake up you from wasting useless time on the internet. Below I’m going to list out the 10 stages of development in Blogger’s life –

All these points and examples which I have given below are common points and they are usually how bloggers come up in their blogging carrer. I examined carefully on many blogger interviews where they explain about themselves and how they came into this blogging field. So after analyzing all that, im listing out these stages of development.

1. Amateur –

If you’re surfing the web on ” how to make money online through blogging ” and thinking to get into blogging without serious intentions, then you’re one among the future bloggers. Don’t hesitate to start one right away. How hard could it be ? Get into it and find out.

2. Author –

Now you have started the blog and finding out what to write ? start reading top tech blogs, participate in forums. You will surely get an idea of what to write. It will automatically take you to your favorite niche. Once you find an interesting post, do share it on your blog and give the credits where you learned it from.

3. You’re not a writer alone –

Writer and blogger are different. Writer does concentrate only on writing. But a blogger concentrates on writing, designing the blog, tweaking it for traffic etc. So always, bloggers are a step higher than the writers. You’re into a learning process. What ever from tweaking to writing, you learn it from tutorials.

4. Promotion –

Now, you have designed your blog and your blog has some few post. Now who will read your blog ? Spamming plays a major role. Email all your friends about your new blog. You tweet the same blog link more than ten times. Share it on Facebook and irritate your friends :P

5. Learner –

Now after learning some mistakes and established with few readers and slowly you’re learning from other bloggers and implementing that on your blog and always there will be an inspiration. You can feel a light bump in the traffic after you rectify the mistakes and started to implement the best practises around blogging and you’re into full of joyous.

6. First Adsense –

Now its been 6 months of blogging and you have crossed the position of unskilled to skilled blogger. You’re quite established and thinking to monetize your blog and applied for Google Adsense. There is nothing equal in this world, when you get approved by the Adsense team after several rejections for inappropriate content or page error.

7. Building Relationship –

Now you’ve to build some decent relationship with other bloggers and turn the traffic which you get into a loyal readers. Use social network this time for a useful one. Share your thoughts with them and also engage with them. Engaging will help you to turn them into a loyal readers.

8. Professional –

Now, if you have sustained all these months with all the above points, you can become a professional one. I didn’t say you’re a professional blogger, I said, you have the capacity to become a professional blogger. It nearly takes 8 to 10 months to complete all the above 7 steps. If your self-taught, then it would take 8 to 10 months. If you attend some blogging coaching, you can pass through all these steps in quite lesser period.

9. Sustain the market –

Once you have become a professional blogger, you’re a marketer too. Just marketing your blog with hell of traffic and enjoying the art of blogging. As time changes, you learn some services and offer the services to your large base of readers. They get inspired by your work and you lead the whole blogging environment.

10. Entrepreneur –

Finally after few years, you become an entrepreneur. After building a large fan base and offering services, you have the capacity to become an entrepreneur. You can start your own company and manage the blogging side by side. You don’t have to work under anyone, You can give jobs to many people.

I have shared my idea and my thoughts on life cycle of a blogger. Now you can look at the above stages and you know where you stand and you know what you want and also share your future ideas.

I’m sorry, If i had missed some points. Please share your valuable ideas with us.

I just wanted to pour out all these points as random thoughts. Whoo ! I had never written such a long post.

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  1. Good list up, try writing about the top 10 hurdles which come up during this process, because that may help a lot of people :-)
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  2. really liked ur post,u hav listed good points abt blogging.i hav jst started myself so these points will be helpful to me

  3. Nice thoughts Srivathsan.Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Loveish says:

    Hi Srivathsan
    You know my blogging journey is the same as u, I started from a free blogspot blog and now I have a network of blogs. Great Post Bro :)
    .-= Loveish´s last blog ..20 Directories To Submit & Promote Your WordPress Themes =-.

  5. Looks somewhat like my own blogging scenario….. Really a nice article….. Well, stop spamming your friends now….. You’re a blogger above that level now…. :P Cheers! :)
    .-= Kartik Iyer´s last blog ..AWESOME iPHONE AD POSTERS =-.

  6. MostlyBlog says:

    great post buddy, every new blogger should read this..
    .-= MostlyBlog´s last blog ..Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional free Product Key =-.

  7. Chethan says:

    Good one Srivatsan. Nice experience :)
    .-= Chethan´s last blog ..Tanishq Wedding Jewelry Ad. Arundati Nag turns her Daughter into Bride =-.

  8. aaslin says:

    Hi,how much it costed for you to migrate from blogger to wordpress and for the basic thesis customization by harsh

  9. Nice post on listing the different stages in the blogger’s growth. I have been passing through these stages too. I liked the posted and I have shared this via twitter also. Keep writing and I will check hereafter more often. As somebody said above, do write about the top 10 hurdles which come up during this process. Btw where do you stand now in these stages ? Entrepreneur? :D

  10. Arun says:

    great post bro in 6 r 7month i have also learn sum thing in blog bro

    spl thanks 2 u my inspiration of bloging is u only

  11. Well written, It’s nice to read someone’s experience behind success. Agreed to all points except Promotion, that is not a correct way. And everyone should learn use of Social networks from you :)

  12. Thank you for sharing I wish I could go somwhere.

  13. Hi, first of all I want to say thanks to you for a great post.

    I have a good name in Hindi Blogging, and I am blogging from more than 3 yrs. But still google Adsense is not available for Hindi blogs and I was planning to start a blog in English. While reading this post, one Idea came into my mind, and I am sure that it will help me a lot. :) I want to give all credit to you and this post.

    Thanks again. :)

  14. Akhil says:

    good one… nw need to bug my frnds my spamming them… ;) thanks

  15. Shiva says:

    This seems like every blogger’s journey. Same thing happening with me too. I am probably in Stage 7. Nice writeup bro.

  16. venkat says:

    well written I have seen only few bloggers crossed Professional stage and becoming Entrepreneur

  17. Really true though some of the bloggers who have achieved success mostly opt for being a professional blogger and later an entrepreneur as there is a sort of risk involved in it.

  18. chalikovas says:

    Good Theme. Keep continue.,

  19. Pakubhai says:

    Since couple of months I am doing blogging, same things are going on, I have learned some portion of programming also. HTML and PHP . But, doubt 7sometimes about the way ahead as blogger. I have 7 blogs and more than 50 articles. If you have any further advise for me, I will definitely appreciate it.

  20. Nathalie says:

    Your article was very helpful for a beginner blogger like myself…

  21. JanJaunas says:

    Hi Shrivatsan,
    this is a very interesting description of stages of the evolution to a pro blogger, which I am discussing on my own blog here.
    I think it describes the typical steps we all go through on the way to really generate an income online, but again, a lot of people will get stuck at one stage, become distracted by the vast amount of blueprints, how-to-guides and spam-methods that are available online and promise you to achieve your goal with next to nothing and fully automated over night, of course.
    Your list gives a true insight into the online reality, and if one stays focused as you did, he/she can achieve a lot in a relatively short time.

  22. Santanu says:

    Nice Post, but what do you suggest for people who want to start blogging but have a writer’s block and are not able to clear their minds about what to blog about.

  23. Nikunj says:

    Simple & Straight Post :)

  24. Sathish says:

    Niche :)


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