10 Secrets To Increase Your Facebook FanBase


A recent survey says that people spend their time on facebook double than the time on twitter, so obviously the traffic from facebook will be huge. Having a facebook fan page will increase your blogs/website readership and also brings you alot of traffic.

You might know, facebook has 400+ million users and it has a wide search engine visibility, so having a strong facebook fan page will help you in a great way. So, let us see some important points to develop your Facebook fan base. go ahead and read..

1. Facebook Fan Widgets :

Facebook provides widgets, profile badge etc to place on your blog and websites. Placing those widgets in your blogs and websites help your readers to like your page. So, put fan widgets on blogs and websites.

2. Invite Email Subscribers :

Use your email subscribers list and invite them to your Facebook fan page. If you’re using feedburner email subscription, you can easily rip off your email subscribers list. So take your email subscribers list and mail them politely about your new fan page and request them to like your page. They have already subscribed to your blog because they like your content, so there is no doubt, they will becoming a fan easily.

3. Suggest To All Friends :

Use suggest all friends option in Facebook fan page and request your friends to join them. You can find this option below the edit fan page.

4. Exchange Fan Page Links :

Ask your friends to invite his/her friends to your fan page using suggest all friends option. You can also exchange links with other blogger friends and you can invite your friends for liking his fan page and vice versa. Thereby, both blog owners gets benefited by mutually inviting friends for fan pages.

5. Use as Email Signature :

You can promote your Facebook fan page through email signature. Just include your Facebook page link hyperlinked with some interesting text. Try out this method by forwarding some interesting emails to your friends along with your email sign as Facebook fan page.

6. Use Landing Page :

Use custom tab and welcome your Facebook fans, have some compelling content and make them to like your Facebook fan page. Customize your fan page and have some interesting news or offers in your landing page. This is surely attract readers and they will like your Facebook page.

7. Interact with Fans :

Interact with your Facebook fans by asking questions weekly twice and you can also keep polls, allow them to tag photos and have some fun. Ask them opinions about the latest gadgets or what they expect from your blog. So that, it helps you to know about readers taste and act according to it.

8. Facebook Social Ads :

Use Facebook’s own social ad feature. When you advertise your fan page, users can become a fan easily.

9. Keep Contest :

Keep some contest and ask readers to become a fan to enter the contest. It can increase your fan base in huge numbers.

10. Offline Promotion :

You can put your Facebook fan page on your business card, print media etc..

Bonus : Write a post exclusively related to Facebook fan page, I mean explain them about the benefits of becoming a fan on Facebook and request them to like your page.

Now this post explains about the secrets of Facebook fan page and I have also written a post about How to use your Facebook Profile to drive traffic to your blog, so combine these two post and test it out. You can become a master in driving traffic from Facebook.

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  3. fbml can also help you to customize fan pages

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  5. Great and excellent points, I would also like to add one more and that is a person should come across as a human and not just a extension of the website or blog he/she is promoting.

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