10 Important Rules To Follow When You Work From Home


Working from home is always a pain. You get dried out alone and your creativity and productivity sometimes goes down. On the initial stage, you will surely miss the energy of your 9-to-5 job when you start your own office at home. If you hold the energy for atleast one year, you can be successful from home, but you wont be having your colleagues to share your ideas or work fun.

So here some important rules that you should follow to be very productive from your home office. I see most these points followed by professional bloggers and also big freelancers. So listing out some points will help you to achieve when you become a full time blogger or start your office at home.

10 Important Rules To Follow If You Want to Become a Professional Blogger/Freelancer Who Work From Their Homes –

1. Maintain Strict office hours –

As you have shifted to home office, you should not work as you like. Maintaining a perfect office hour from 9am to 5pm will make your work more productive.

2. Plan your work –

Prefer working at early mornings than late nights. Because early morning gives you a amazing start and no distractions. So prefer mornings. You can also read 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It

3. Use to-do list –

You should use to-do list app and finish off your work according to it. Organizing and working according to it will yeild more productivity. You can get a free desktop based to-do list application.

4. Stay off from Distractions –

When you work from home, you get easily distracted because of tv and other stuff. Switch off all your distractions. You have to set boundaries when you work from home. Try to avoid having tv or other distracting things from your home office. Keep what is needed for work.

5. Emails and Social Networks –

Don’t open your e-mail or check your Facebook account until you’ve accomplished one major task you wanted to complete that day. First complete your work in the early mornings and then later in the night, you can check all your social accounts and connect with people.

6. Dressing –

As you work from home, dont ignore the basic personal habits. Dont sit down for work in your pajamas. Dress properly like what you did when going for a 9-5 job. Sometimes, you may be talking with your client on webcam, and how can you afford to look like that ?

7. Spend some time with family –

When you work from home, you have to put lot of efforts because you’re the owner and take the whole reponsibility and you have to look into all the things from start till the end. So, dont forget to spend some time with the family. As i said before, treat your home office as a real job and work from 9-5 and spend rest of the time with family and kids.

8. Take care of your health –

I would like to continue the above point, not only spending time with your family, you should also take care of your health. Eat well, exercise, breathe, and try to find time to relax.

9. Setting your work place –

All the above tips are related when you sit working on your home office, before that here are some points that you should look into for setting up your home office. Have proper table and chair, use multi-monitor setup for more productivity, have high speed internet connection, avoid disturbing environment etc.


I leave the last points to readers, You can add your views in the comments. later, i will add it to the post.

Hope all these tips will help you to stay focused and motivated. Ultimately when you’re working from home, self discipline is much important.

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  1. Maintaining an office like schedule even while working from home is very important to stay efficient.

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    nice article thanks for shearing your great work keep it up

  3. i wish, one fine day i’ll get chance to follow all these steps. :)

  4. vijay says:

    This article=How to work from home without pain and strain.Thanks…

  5. Ajay says:

    nice, analysis on the work from home.
    any websites can u give related to work from home.

    it is good for the new comers so i m asking okay

  6. MostlyBlog says:

    good post buddy. btw RT done

  7. Sidduz says:

    Truthfull Steps, Of all i loved the 7th step. These days im not doing that. Have to do for sure. Great article GK.

  8. nice article and great analysis on the work from home. keep it up

  9. Chef Coat says:

    great work and nice article keep it up

  10. Chef Coats says:

    Good work thanks for your blog and good information and interesting article keep it up

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    This is really good information Thanks . because it is really used for all peoples

  12. P.K.ARUN says:

    For me, it might helps in future. nice post…

  13. nice information and These days im not doing that. Have to do for sure. Great article GK.

  14. Chethan says:

    okay! very good man…

  15. Interesting article and good information keep it up

  16. abhi says:

    Do you actually follow these rules yourself?

  17. cica76 says:

    It’s so good

  18. venkat says:

    Its easier to get distracted from tvs and other things planning a day as blogger is very important specially working from home , well covered buddy.

  19. That one on dressing, usually no one speaks of that. Its assumed that work at home = work in pyjamas ;)

  20. Keep your working environment clean..i.e.Your computer table, bcoz lot of waste papers and gadgets occupy your PC table’s free space. Clean your working room too..

  21. arun says:

    Good Article indeed .!! However , it not just for a employers even a students who learning though online . may make use of this . Thanks !! Good work .

  22. Melissa says:

    You are so right, keep office hours… and while I do tend to work more in my PJ’s then I would like to admit, I make sure I leave the house every day- get and stay in contact with people who work 9-5 jobs during the day- make lunch meetings etc. It keeps you in the loop and on schedule – this way lunches that start at noon don’t turn into drinks on the patio at 4 :) Happy Working!

  23. sriganesh says:

    important article and must follow all the rules, the fb and email checking is right, my most time spend in reply emails :D
    #10 – Place a aquarium in your work space/room, a real stress buster !! Must

  24. #10 — Give yourself something that will remind you of things that make you smile. No matter if you’re working from home or not, you’re still going to get those working blues. I once did a web conference with a client who had a tree in his office with fun little things hanging all over it. When it got to be too much, he’d take a break and look at the things hanging on his tree to give himself a smile. It’s stuck with me.

  25. Steven says:

    I think it’s important to make sure you go outside everyday. Take a walk, just sit on the porch, whatever. Staying inside will make you stir crazy if you do it long enough. And pale. It’ll make you pale.

  26. Jay Khatri says:

    Nice Post, its helpful for me, I was not setting the boundaries.

  27. Adam says:

    Don’t expect things to magically change when you work from home. The same professional stresses will exist, with some new ones added! Before deciding to work from home, talk with colleagues or friends who do so. Ask what the biggest disappointment was, what the greatest challenge has been, and share what you hope to have happen when you transition to working from home. Get an idea of whether your expectations are realistic.

  28. Guy says:

    It’s vital to get out of the house at least once a day. Walking the dog, a quick visit to Starbucks, anything to avoid cabin fever!

  29. Siddharth says:

    Really a wonderfull article, well explained..
    i always used to sit in front of PC even without eating.. somedays.. :)

  30. M-sign.nl says:

    Great article. Social network site and feeds can really be a time eater (but I would not be on this site because of them ;-) ). It is also good to have strict lunch times (as you would have on the office) and explain to your wife / kids or people living in the same house that you are really working and can not be disturbed or do the dishes, etc, etc. It is a bit contrary to tip 7, but it is important to have a proper balance in this; because just some talking can eat your productivity down.

  31. Vasanth Daniel says:

    What i would suggest for the 10th is , keep your Laptop or Desktop ready, that is with all the softwares installed like citrix, VMware etc watever it is necessary. Also keep the machine clean from virus and malware. Also keep the machine in a high performance mode by clearing all temp file and removing unnecessary files..

  32. Though I work from home but I don’t really go with 9to5 plan. What I do actually I wake up on 4:45am, get fresh and sit back to my computer around 5:15 am. I start all my work till 9 O’Clock. Then I take bath and breakfast. Around 9:45 am I come back to my chair and start my work till 12:45pm. At 2:30 pm I start my work till 4 O’Clock then again from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm. This is my daily schedule, no matter in what situation I’m I always try to follow this except Sunday. However, I will suggest other to try Workrave. This small utility is awesome and every blogger should have it. I personally set a 5 min interval after every 45 min. It’s really help me. I personally believe my kind of blog require an early morning treatment instead of 9to5. However, everybody have their own preference. Thanks for your wonderful writing.


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