10 Ideas To Find Out What Should Be Your Twitter Background ?


Recently we have seen how to keep your twitter followers profile picture as background image, today we will see some basic ideas to find out what type of twitter background you should have, for all these kind only interest is the cause.

So, on twitter people recognize you or identify you only based on your twitter handle and another is your twitter background image. Today we will find out what type of twitter background you can have for your twitter profile.

It’s all based on their self-interest, but when you use twitter as a professional medium, then having a proper professional related background image will add some more spice to your twitter profile. Example: if you’re web designer, you can showcase your design work as your twitter background image.

Lets see some ideas on what should be your twitter background, hope these ideas will help you in setting up a background image for your twitter profile. Don’t leave it to default twitter background, instead be creative and use custom background. As I have said, many people use the default one, they don’t bring in anything, but having a custom background will attract high potential followers.

1. You can provide your digital card as your background image. As twitter already provides a place for your name, website link and a short bio, having your digital card as your background image will help your followers to know more about you and thereby increase your contacts.

2. You can promote your organization, website or blog. You can design it such way the website url and type of activities of your organization.

3. You can also put logo of your organization instead of leaving it to just text display.

4. You can put a picture of you, it will be highly attractive and create a trust among the followers.

5. You can display your username or web name as it will strengthen personal branding as well as people get remembered when they see the name anywhere in the web.

6. As I have said earlier, you can design a nice background having your blog’s url. Already twitter has given a space for your website link, but branding it on a larger screen will help you more.

7. Display your social networks links, If you’re branding yourself in the same name on all the social networks, then you can display a background image by showing off all your social network links. It will be easily for twitter people to connect with you on other social networks.

8. This is a general tip on how to design your twitter background image, You can always use the top and side portion of the image. Don’t use the portion which is behind the timeline, it is of no use.

9. Focus on the space which is on the right side and top, no data should be behind the timeline. Design according to the resolutions, because the view from netbook will differ from the ordinary desktop. Plan your customization and work according to it.

10. When you created your background, make sure it fits as expected in all screen resolutions. The site Twitter Background Generator allows you to view the report easily and quickly , I think it is a step essential in the process.

11. So the image should weigh between 250kb to 800kb and should be of GIF,JPG or PNG formats(twitter standards). Don’t forget to ensure the quality of the background.

12. Finally when your background image is done, upload it to twitter and ask your followers about it and know their feedback.

13. Don’t forget it to update time to time and make it even more catchier and popular on the network.

So, what type of twitter backgrounds can we have ? pour out your ideas with us.

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  1. This is something really interesting. Though I already have my own design as twitter background but this article still helpful for me to get more idea on custom background design.

  2. But nowadays most of us tweet from one or other Desktop Client. No Doubt a cool Twitter Background wins a nice first impression tell give visitor a short bio of yours.

  3. Farukh | Techming says:

    Changing background should create intrest in the visitors, isn’t it?

  4. ICL says:


    A quick question about your pictures for illustrating the article. I noticed that you show the Twitter timeline aligned to the right side. However, I always get my timeline aligned on the center. Is there a way to align the timeline on the right or the left?

    It would be great to be able to change this alignment, as we would get more space for either background side to show more images or info. we want.

    Interesting article, anyway!

  5. its not for new twitter is int?

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