Spaz : Open Source Twitter Client for Mac, Windows and Linux


In the past, we have seen a lot of twitter apps to make your tweeting in a smooth way. Adding to the powerful list of twitter tools, today we have an open source desktop application for twitter. It’s an adobe air based desktop twitter client which supports all platforms such as Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Spaz is an open source cross-platform desktop Twitter client based on Adobe Air which is written entirely in HTML and Javascript. The main attraction in spaz is its elegant design and simply looks good. As it is open source, you can customize it completely with your own design themes with little knowledge of CSS.

Features of Spaz –

1. It is 100% ad free.

2. Open source, source available here.

3. Short URL creation tool with support for multiple services (,,, and more)

4. In-line short URL decoding

5. Markdown syntax support

6. Multiple themes and support for user-created themes

7. User-defined CSS overrides

Other than this, as usual you can see your own tweets, tweet from followers, public timeline, direct message, you can favorite tweets and messages. When you receive any new messages, you will be notified with a Spaz’s Tokyo Train Station sound set.

Spaz – Download

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