Create 360-Degree Panoramic 3D Virtual Tour in 3 Easy Steps


Few weeks back, we have seen an adobe air based app to create wide panoramic photos. These panoramic photos gives you a 360 degree view and you can see every angle of the image. So, how to make these panoramic photos and turn it to a 3D virtual tour ? No worries, you can create panoramic 3d virtual tour easily using an online app called Dermandar. No registration or login required. Easy to use, no complicated settings and integrated with all social networking sites. So, just make a panoramic photo, share it with family and friends.

Dermandar is a free browser-based digital photo app that lets you create impressive 360 fullscreen interactive pictures in no time. You can create wide panoramic images in simple 3 easy steps.

1. Take photos with your regular digital camera. Not necessary that digital camera would do, your ordinary mobile phone cameras is more than enough. If you’re planning to merge the photos and make panoramic images, then you need to learn – How to shoot photos for a panorama ? because it requires some basic tips.

2. Once you have done with the images, Go to > Open the online tool > add the pictures and create panorama in less than 5 seconds.

Finally this is my panoramic picture which I created using dermandar – Use the Arrow keys to move around. (the images which I shot was not proper, so please follow the guidelines for taking proper panoramic picture)

3. Uploading the panorama to Dermandar server to be shared on Facebook, emailed, embedded and geotagged.

Some of the highlights of dermandar –

1. It’s totally free and fully browser-based.

2. You don’t have to download anything and install.

3. You also don’t need registration or login to create panoramic images.

4. It’s really super speed and easy to play with the settings.

5. Digital Photograph users can easily turn their photos into a full screen interactive panorama in seconds.

6. Tip – Real estate agencies would like to use it to promote their online ads, the property owners may take the photos themselves and post them to the agency website.

Limitations of Dermandar –

1. 100 panoramas per user.

2. 7 to 24 images per full (360 degrees) panorama

3. 2 to 6 images per partial panorama

4. Images are automatically resized to 1 Mpixel each

You can also access dermandar from your Facebook profile by adding their facebook application. You can share and publish on your Facebook wall directly from the gallery. Just hit publish button under any panorama you like.

It enables you to view the gallery inside the Facebook app with simple 3D viewer. Dermandar now allows you to save an equirectangular image of your panorama while creating it.

The geo-tagging feature that allows you to tag your panoramas using google maps, and also browse the map.

Once you create the panoramic photo, you will be able to navigate from left to right, up and down, zoom in and out, and if you are satisfied with the result, uploading your picture on the server will let you geotag it, get the code to embed it in your blog, or only get the url to send it by mail or tweet it.

This 2 minute video tutorial shows the simplicity of the panorama creation process

HowTo Use Dermandar ?

1. Once you have taken images in various angles, now go to < Create page

2. Browse your pictures from PC and you don’t need to resize them, it automatically resizes before uploading.

3. Your panoramic view is ready. You can save the picture to your hard disk. You can also move the picture in 360 degree with arrow keys and also zoom in and out.

4. Click upload button to save your panorama with Geo tagging and before that, name your panorama and also give suitable tags.

5. Now your panorama will be uploaded to the dermandar server.

6. Once the upload is over, you can see your panoramic photo in the gallery section. From there you can embed in your blogs, share with your social media friends etc.

Finally this is my panoramic 3d virtual tour which I created using dermandar – Use the Arrow keys to move around

My Panoramic photo from dermandar –


Dermandar – Homepage

I personally consider dermandar as a professional web app which is must use for mainly photographers and a must try for everyone. I created my own panoramic image in less than 5 seconds. The dermandar algorithm gives you a professional output.

With this app, you can capture the world around You. It’s super fast and do try it out !

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