12 Ways To Share Music on Twitter


We have already seen 30 ways to share photos on twitter and also some 3 ways to share the tweets about the music you’re listening to, but today we have some 12 tools which allows you to share and even upload music to share on twitter. Just browse through the large database of songs and listen to it. In the meantime, you can share those songs as tweets with your twitter friends.

HowTo Share Music with Twitter Friends ?


It looks like a twitter interface and allows you to share music, photos and videos from your PC. First you need to authorize your twitter account. After the process is done, You can upload music from your PC and share it with twitter friends. It supports MP3, M4A, WAV file formats. Filesize limit of 50MB per audio file.


twt.fm lets you share music on Twitter, first you need to login via twitter using oAuth, then type in an artist, track, and click the preview button. twt.fm will then generate a preview of your track song, then you can tweet it to your followers. You can also share the track on Facebook.


SongTwit is a free service that lets artists and fans share music on Twitter and see what friends are listening to. Same like above, you need to login twitter via oAuth method and You’re given with 3 options such as You can upload a song, or enter a web address or search the library.


imeem is an online music service that gives fans instant access to almost any song they want, for free. imeem is famous for its huge library of music and music search plugin.


TwittyTunes is a FoxyTunes feature that allows you to post your currently playing songs to Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm, Y! Messenger, Y! Status, and Skype with a single click.


Twiturm.com is the easiest way to socialize your music. Twiturm allows users to post their mp3’s to numerous social networks including Twitter and Facebook. Login twitter via oAuth and Upload your mp3 song. Fill the details such as artist name, track name, description, genre etc and Submit.


It is one of the best method to share music on twitter, not only on twitter but also you can share music with other social media websites like Facebook, ping.fm, FriendFeed etc. You can search for the song either from their large music database or you can also add your own songs.


Song.ly is the easiest way to share music on twitter, all you need to do is, just search for your favorite song from their large music database, and tweet the link. that’s it.


Twisten turns twitter into a music station. It mash-up with Grooveshark and crawls Twitter for tweets about music. It then takes those tweets and throws in a play button so that you can listen to the song being talked about.


Tinysong allows you to quickly share music links with your friends. It is also powered by grooveshark. Just enter artist or track name and get the tinysong url. Share it with friends.


Swift.fm helps you discover and enjoy new music. Login twitter via oAuth and You can Upload, Link, or Search for music to share with twitter friends.


jamWee is a Social Network Completely Centered Around Finding Music in Real Time.

If you find any similar web tool for sharing music on twitter, do share with us :)

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  1. abhi says:

    So many tools. I really like music.

  2. Why just post your songs, or read your friends tweets. actually listen to what your friends are posting without a browser! create your own ‘stations’ and more! try Twitunez! It should be #13!

  3. Indu says:

    Not to forget Tvider,which allows you to share music along with images and video on Twitter.

    So if you need to share audio on Twitter while you’re out and about, go ahead and give the Tvider (http://tvider.com) a try.
    .-= Indu´s last blog ..view from window =-.

  4. These are so cool that all of these services are out there that I never knew about. And I run a music blog so I’m always on the hunt. Is there anyone who can recommend one they like the best? The list of 12 is great but a little overwhelming to try ’em all out and figure it out on my own.

    Off the bat, twicli looks cool because I’m always sharing music that isn’t up on Grooveshark or blip.fm or even iTunes yet. Would love preferences or ratings.

    Thanks for sharing the article-

  5. if you have a Mac try #twitunez you can run your own station or listen to others or the default station. instea of using a third party site to share or listen, use your own iTunes on your own Mac! look on twitunez.com for video, downloads, etc

  6. Best Baby Bugggy says:

    Many thanks for taking the time to talk about and share this with us, I for 1 really feel strongly about it and very much appreciate understanding more about this subject. I can see which you possess a degree of expertise on this topic, I would very similar to to listen to more from you on this topic – I have bookmarked this page and can return soon to listen to much more about it.

  7. hedgewytch says:

    What about QStatus or Sound Hound or Shazam??

  8. You can also use http://twitrax.com to upload and share music on both Twitter and Facebook.


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