Top 5 Online Websites to Setup Complete Resume in No Time


Resume Maker ? Many final year students out there hunting for jobs, Campus interviews, Multinational companies, So first step which represents you is your resume. So, having a great resume will help you to achieve success in your interview. Preparing a perfect resume with perfect tools will make life easier and you can also impress your recruiting officers. Today, we have the best five online sites which helps us to set up a complete resume in no time.

Best 5 Websites to Setup Complete Resume :

1. Visual CV

Visual CV is a web based professional resumes, you can fill up all your details and create a professional profile online. You can add an intro video of yourself, you can also insert charts, audio, and some examples of your previous projects etc. Completing all this, you can get your own Visual CV Url like With this URL you can share to anyone and also you have the option to edit and update. You can also create multiple resumes for different purposes etc.

2. Emurse

Emurse is a quick online resume generator with some awesome features like sample templates, multi-format download etc. Emurse can provide your resume password protected and also can be distributed in different formats.

3. Praux

Praux is a simple online resume maker, first you need to sign up with praux, then you should select a username and it will give you a sub domain like then you can create your own resume here. You can edit the resumes and there is an in-built counter, which shows you how many people have visited your resume.

4. Ceevee

Ceevee is a cool website which allows you to create an online cv with easy use interface. just sign up and fill up your details. You can add, remove, and reorder the details. You can select a URL for your resume and also export your resume to pdf format. I just love the clean and clutter free interface.

5. Jobspice

Jobspice is also a free online resume maker which easily helps you to create a resume. It’s very simple, just choose your template and add your data’s. You can print the resume or share it with others through a specific url or you can also export to a pdf file.

If you find more services for Online resume building, then do share it with us :)

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  1. Saif says:

    very useful info for job seekers , praux looks cool

  2. Hey Srivathsan,

    Since you’re evaluating online resume builders, would you be interested in looking at one more – This one is a little different. You can build print-ready resumes and cover letters, but you can also create portfolios and video resumes, then put all those “documents” on a professional website.

    Since you were focusing on the resume building aspect, here’s how ours is different than most:

    1. Users can browse professionally written samples for different experience levels and industries.

    2. They can directly edit a resume sample (so no retyping or recreating a format), plus add pre-written examples right to their resume within the builder. There are also instructions to guide them through each step.

    3. Users can download their resumes in editable format to Microsoft Word. Since we offer a 24-hour free trial, a user could create a resume and download it all for free. No strings attached, it’s theirs to keep.

    I’d love for you to check it out and see how it compares. Like I said, we offer a 24-hour free trial, but I’m happy to give you extended access so you can poke around at your leisure. Just visit and create a free account. If you return after the first 24 hours, you can use this code, 01105, to get access for 90 more days.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    Kelly Giles


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