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Earlier this week, we have seen the most essential security tips on managing your passwords for online accounts, today adding to it, to make the work easier, we are going to see one of the best and most required Firefox add-on. Bloggers need to have many accounts on many websites, I already said you that, having different passwords for different accounts is the safest way and also its more secure. So managing all these account passwords are not easy, Here comes LastPass, a Firefox add-on making your web browsing easier.

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LastPass is a simple Firefox add-on which effectively manages all your passwords and also acts as a form filler making your web browsing much easier. As the name tells you, LastPass is the last password you will ever need. You only have to remember ONE Master password, rest will be completely taken care by LastPass.

Install the LastPass Firefox add-on, it automatically creates LastPass account and then import any passwords which you have stored, then edit the form fill page by entering your contact information, personal details, numbers etc. and finally access everything at one mouse click.

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No need of entering passwords for each website individually, Everything LastPass will take care.

Features Of LastPass –

* You do not need to enter passwords for each and every website, it automatically log into websites.

* You can fill forms at one mouse click.

* It can sync data across multiple computers, Supports IE as well, so if you switch browsers you’re always in sync.

* It generates random passwords, which are highly secure.

* If you want to edit or access your profile, just enter into LastPass Vault anywhere at anytime by Logging in LastPass Browser Plugin.

* You can also use from your mobile device

* you can sign up for LastPass Premium and it costs only 1$ per month. So that you can access LastPass on iPhone, Blackberry, S60 mobile phones.

* Supports Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, iPhone, Opera Mini, via Bookmarklets

* In windows, helps you recover lost passwords stored on your computer

LastPassHomepage | Mozilla add-on’s Page

LastPass is the most useful security tool ever which comes handy as an add-on for Firefox, PCWorld’s 100 best products of 2009 and has also been featured in many top websites.

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