How-To Encrypt and Decrypt Text Files Using Omziff [Tutorial]


Encrypting data is very essential because, in today’s world work places are vulnerable which gives option to steal information. Every where due to lack of security and unencrypted network, hackers work are made easy. So encrypting files will be the best option to safe guard private and sensitive data’s. So How to you encrypt a simple text file ?

Omziff is a portable freeware encryption utility which encrypts and decrypts textual files using secure cryptographic algorithms. Not only encryption and decryption, but also generates random passwords, splits files, and does simple file shredding according to DOD Standards.

How to Encrypt Text Files Using Omziff :

1. Download Omziff and No need of Installation, Just double-click Omziff.exe.

2. Now chose any algorithm that you wish to use in generating an encrypted output file.

Be sure to remember which algorithm you chose. You must choose the same algorithm when decrypting the file.

3. Then select the file to use to generate the encrypted output from, as well as the filename and location of your new, decrypted output file.

4. You can assign a password to your encrypted file by entering one in the Enter Passphrase/Password edit box. It provides more security, if you don’t do it, then anyone can decrypt the file using omziff.

5. Now you can see a message box showing, encryption is successful.

How to Decrypt Text Files Using Omziff :

Decrypting Files is similar to encrypting a file. As is said before, you should remember which algorithm you chose while encrypting, because same algorithm must be used for decryption.

1. Select the same algorithm, select the input file and give the output file.

2. If you have mentioned any password for your text files, then do mention it.

3. Click decrypt. You will be successful.

Random Password Generator :

It has Random password generator, all you need to do is, select the type which you want like, only numbers or both numbers and letters. then select the length of chars to be used in the password. Then click Generate. You can also see an option called ” Reverse “, if you click that, the password will show you in reverse order. eg : abcd means it will show you in dcba.

File Splitter :

Split larger files into smaller segments for various purposes: to store on floppy disks, email, etc. The files are split into segments which you specify the size of, and then the output is portioned off into files with an .oss extension. The main file, which contains the rejoin details, has an .omf extension.


Have you encrypted any data’s before ? If not try Omziff and leave your comments :)

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