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Already we have seen the top 14 ways to schedule your tweets, all those were web apps and you need to strain yourself for scheduling your future tweets. Moreover we have seen the twitter autofollower tool sometime back, which follows people when you’re at sleep. From the creators of autofollower tool, we have another awesome tool which is Auto Tweeter.

Before explaining in detail about the tool, I would like to give a tip – Just use Autofollower to create a huge base of followers on twitter and use Autotweeter to tweet even when you’re in sleep.

Autotweeter is a small nice desktop app which is java based and allows you to schedule future tweets. You don’t need to install autotweeter, it runs on any computer as it is java based app. Just download the tool, enter your username and password, select the time interval, schedule your tweets and go to sleep. The software is available in two versions. Demo and Pro.

HowTo Use Auto Tweeter ?

1. Download Autotweeter from

2. Open the folder and run the application. It will run from your system tray.

3. You can totally 6 tabs on the app. let me explain one by one.

4. The first tab is configure, here you should enter your username, password, set the time interval between tweets and select the tweet file which is used for scheduling tweets.

5. The second tab is Autotweet, this helps you to schedule your tweets. The demo version doesn’t support shortening URL. So just enter your tweets, shorten the url and schedule it. All your scheduled tweets will be saved in the sample tweet file which you have selected in the configure tab.

6. The third tab is Quick Tweet, here you can tweet instantly from the application. It serves as a twitter client.

7. The fourth tab is House Keeping, just click load data, it will show you how many tweets have been scheduled, how many tweets have been posted and how many is remaining to be posted.

8. The fifth tab and sixth tab is about and license code for full version.

Why I love Auto Tweeter ?

1. Desktop app which is easy to configure and light weight.

2. Built in URL shortened and runs from the system tray, so that it won’t affect any of your work.

3. You can select repeat tweets and also choose different tweet files to be tweeted.

Why Should you go for PRO version ?

1. No URL shortening service

2. No repeat tweets option.

3. No windows startup

4. You can only send 10 tweets in one go. After that it will stop and again you should start it manually.

5. Sends an ad tweet at each time when you start tweeting.

The Pro version of AutoTweeter provides more features compared to the Demo version. It costs just 19$ and worth spending it.

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  1. blinkky says:

    $19 really cheap for great application =)

  2. techtrickz says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this new useful application. I like freeware, but I am sure this demo version is enough for me.
    .-= techtrickz´s last blog ..Turn your Word 2010 into blogging tool for publishing to WordPress or Blogger blog =-.

  3. Whiztechy says:

    Application seems to be very useful and user-friendly. Will surely give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. John Go says:

    I’ve been using AutoTweeterPro for some time. It’s actually a small and very easy to use software, which tweets from my computer. I am using unlimited trial version, which is as good as free. Hope you will find this tip useful.

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