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One of the important rule on twitter is engaging with people. Participation and Interaction is must for a better twitter relationship. You must talk to your new followers by keeping aside all your ego’s, so that you can gain their trust and also grow your blog. When something you tweet or shout for a help, they will listen to it.

Engaging or conversing to your site visitors or readers inside your blog’s page rather than giving them a separate link, will be a good idea. To make them easy Twiclur will allow anyone to add a Twitter widget to his own website or blog.

Twiclur is a custom twitter widget for your blog or website, which also helps in making your visitors to stay longer in your site. You can customize the widget without much effort, just input the words and get awesome output. You can change the heading, header color, font color, background image, link color, width and height of the widget according your blog’s space and also the number of items to be present in the widget.

Below is the Live sample widget –


If you want some other widget, then try twitter’s official widget for blogs and websites – Link

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  4. Sam says:

    Sorry but an iframe is not the right solution. there are so many bad twitter codes out there…Still searching for a efficient one


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