15 Useful Tips When Creating a Password For Your Online Accounts


It is very important that one should have a strong password for their email account, social network accounts, bank accounts etc. If you have your password like ” password ” or ” 123456 ” then it is very easy for a hacker to crack your account. So having a strong unique password lowers overall risk of a security breach. Now read further for some unknown tips when creating a password for your email accounts etc.

Best 15 Useful Tips When Creating Your Password –

1. First you should decide the length of the password, it should be minimum of 10 characters.

2. Make sure that it cannot be found in the dictionary (eg: many will have passwords like flower, love, fuck, etc etc)

3. Do not keep your birth date, phone number, postal code etc.

4. It should contain both numbers and characters. Characters should be a mix of upper case and lower case letters. (eg: Sr1v4Th5aN_Gk)

5. The above example is a good method to create a password, Sr1v4Th5aN_Gk – this is my name Srivathsan.G.K, which randomly replaced letters with numbers. ‘i’ with ‘1’, ‘a’ – ‘4’, ‘s’ -‘5’. You can also replace the letters as your wish. these letters are called leet letters.

6. You can also try this one, by reversing a word. Say for example – INDIANS reversing it as SNAIDNI. Be creative and think out of the box.

7. When you want any of your names to be kept as password, then use Shift key alternatively when typing the letters like (eg:SrIvAtHsAn>G.K)

8. Use Password Meter to check out the strength of your created password. Know your score and modify your password according to it.

9. Have separate passwords for social accounts and personal accounts. I mean have two strong passwords, one for bank accounts, credit card details and money transcations etc and personal accounts etc. Another one is for forums, social networking sites etc. So that it could not affect you much when it is hacked.

10. If you’re not able to select a password on your own, you can use Ultra High Security Password Generator.

11. Spell letters phonetically, so the initials ABO can become AyBeeOh.

12. After creating your new password, practise that on a word file, so that it flows smoothly off your fingers.

13. Another tip : If your birthday is on the 18th of some month, you can use the Happy Birthday song – (eg: HbtyhbtY#18 )

14. Keep your computer secure, even if your password is strong and you don’t have a secure computer, then it is waste to have a strong password. So check whether any keyloggers are installed and try to have safe secure computer.

15. I leave this 15th point to you readers :D So, if you find any other useful tips, It would be great, If you share it with us :-) Thanks for the Tips via makeuseof

Passwords are like underwear, You shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them :P

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  1. Chethan says:

    Cool Tips brother,.. need to follow these tips seriously

  2. sriganesh says:

    Nice tip brother ! and the password change periodically is very good, i always register in my personal diary, and i wont use any password manager in the pc, or save it in the browser option save password/. clear the cache in every three days,. ( if you good at affiliate programing ), dont touch cache ! ;)

  3. jasir javaz says:

    Brthr ,, i am waiting for pwdless world. I cant say what i mean, But i want that

  4. Sidduz says:

    Very well explained article bro. Will start taking care about it.. Thnx for tips

  5. Aathithyan says:

    Oh nice bro ;) u rock \m/

  6. Niki says:

    An easy to follow and remember tip – I’m using even count of numbers, for example 6 or 8 number at the end of password, but pressing every second with “Shift”.
    Example, if you want to have 123456 for password, make it like this:
    1@3$5^. The good thing is that these @, $ and ^ symbols depend also on the keyboard you are using and are usually different in different countries.

  7. Loveish says:

    Nice tips bro. I think I will surely keep these tips in mind while choosing my passwords :)

  8. Nice i wont use any password manager in the pc, or save it in the browser option save password. thanks

  9. Wesly says:

    u can find much more tips from here for everything about password

  10. Neev Jain says:

    Nice post liked it :)


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