Upload Bulk Photos to Picasa Web Albums at Once using Google Buzz


If you have used Picasa web album, it has one major drawback. It doesn’t allow us to upload multiple pictures at one go. It has a limit of 5 photos at once, that too you have to select each picture manually. So, how to upload multiple images at one go ?

Google’s new baby, Google Buzz launched two days back. It is a Social tool which you can see inside your Gmail account (below the inbox). With Google Buzz you can share updates, photos, videos and more with your friends. It is more like integration of facebook and twitter. You can connect Twitter, Google reader, Picasa and Flickr with Google buzz.

Enough of talking about Google buzz, let me come back.. Now how to upload multiple images to picasa web albums at once ? We very well knew that picasa web album doesn’t allow more than 5 photos.

Fortunately, Google Buzz (which has integration with Picasa) lets you upload bulk photos to your picasa web albums easily. Open your Gmail and go to Buzz tab, pretend you are posting a new message and click on “Photo”. Select the photos you want to upload, add them to your message, but don’t post the message.

Now go to your Picasa web album and you can see a new album created with photos which you have uploaded. Using the “Organize and reorder” option, you can move the photos to another album.

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via Googlesystem

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  1. Arun says:

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    That's great find..
    I didnt see this kind of features…

  3. Siddartha says:

    Kewl dude!! Gr8 find. Thnx for sharing

  4. Victor | UPrinting says:

    Well I am not sure if this feature is enough to make people switch to GB from FB. Guess we'll find out soon.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Gurpreet Singh says:

    yes this is great feature thanks for sharing

  6. sankar says:

    i have to try that da but thanx for updating da still waiting for much more da

  7. Siraj says:

    Thanks for sharing nice tips. Now I got a good reason to Buzz! with Google Buzz.

    You have got a good article base, short and simple. Keep it up blogger.

  8. tayfun says:

    great tip, many thanks bro!!

  9. Iain says:

    This is the best workaround for Google’s oversight, thanks for sharing!

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