Twitter like Service for Talking with People in your Local Community


Well, we all knew that twitter is a microblogging website with people connected from around the world. So, conversing the issues or knowing about the events worldwide is very much easy on twitter. But have you ever thought of talking with people in your local community ?

It is always a joy when you come to know about some event or issue which has happened on your local area. How to connect with people from your local area ? so, we have a twitter like micro messaging service called Osutra.

Osutra is microblog service for interacting with people in your local community. All you need to do is, just go to Osutra > create an account and then choose the neighborhood locales. Start tracking about the latest news and events in that place, and work together on ways to have a better community.

Osutra is a nice way of communication with people in your same geographical zone and dealing with any issue that merits your attention.


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