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Skimming the most common security problems from the web browser and preventing our computer is all we needed. Sometimes, many application which is installed on our PC may become vulnerable and thus Secunia helps in checking if your PC has a minimum security baseline against known patched vulnerabilities.

The Secunia Online Software Inspector will inspect your operating system and software for insecure versions and missing security updates. A default inspection normally lasts 5-40 seconds, while a thorough inspection may take several minutes. It is a great way to keep your software up-to-date and secure.

All you need to do is, just go to Secunia online scan page and simply start the scan by choosing whether to do a thorough inspection or general one. It takes around with in two minutes, it lists out the applications which are insecure and patched versions.

Some of the features of Secunia Online Software Inspector :

* Detects insecure versions of common/popular programs installed on your PC.

* Verifies that all Microsoft patches are applied.

* Assists you in updating, patching, and protecting your PC.

* Activates additional security features in Sun Java.

* Runs through your browser. No installation or download is required.

The only drawback of this online inspector is, it doesn’t check all the applications which is installed on our pc, only the few like Adobe Reader, Flash, QuickTime, Java, Opera, Safari, Skype etc. So if you need to check all applications, you can go for Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

Secunia (OSI)Homepage

Secunia Online Software Inspector is free and works in any Windows web browser that supports Java.

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