Note-Taking in a Flexible Manner with Cloudpad for Windows


Suppose if you’re attending a meeting or presentation, one of the problems which people face is taking down the notes when some one speaks. Note taking is a very much important for the success of the talk. When someone talks, you can find important points or ideas from their talk, immediately taking down as notes will help you in your presentation. This is not only for speakers, very much useful for bloggers, when you come across some interesting points or articles, make a note of them and later use it on your blog. I was using notepad for all these kind of things, then after trying out Cloudpad, I’m very much impressed with it.

Cloudpad is a open source program and simple note storage application that allows you to quickly find, navigate and prioritise your notes. Notes are associated with tags which has become a common in many web sites and blogs to allow quick access to any note within a few clicks that can be viewed and navigated via the common Cloud metaphor.

It is very easy to use Cloudpad, first this software is portable but requires the presence of. NET Framework 2.0 on your computer to operate. If you do not have .Net installed on your pc, you can very well get it from here.

Features of Cloudpad :

1. Download and Install Cloudpad. (remember you need .net framework 2.0 to function)

2. You can start by clicking New note icon and note down important things. Every note has a title, the notes text, a list of comma separated tags and a priority level.

3. It has Note Priority Settings, which helps you to categorize notes as Low, high, medium and critical.

4. Before saving your notes, assign the appropriate tags for your notes, so that you can search notes using tags.

5. The search tool provided by CloudPad allows you to locate notes via text contained in the title or text along with the tags it contains.

Cloudpad for WindowsHomepage | Download

This software is similar to sticky notes and Excellent replacement for Notepad, mainly i liked the interface and easy navigation. Try out Cloudpad and leave your comments ;-)

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  1. Good use of .net lang..will try make this kinda things after the xams :)

  2. sriganesh says:

    thanks !! i was looking for this, much better than default win to-list


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