Skip Pricey Software Packages and Find out Alternate Software Applications for Your Computer


Who has money to spend on software nowadays ? Everything we get a copy illegally on torrents and we download it :P Chuck it, Now let’s be serious.. We should not encourage pirated softwares, If you’re not able to buy a copy of windows 7, then go for open source operating system, Ubuntu. So, we have an alternate thing for anything and everything which we use. but, where to find the best alternative software applications for our computer or mobile phones ?

AlternativeTo is an amazing new site designed to help you find the best alternative to any piece of software app for your computer or mobile phone. No more browsing through categories with long lists of crappy software. Just go to AlternativeTo and select softwares for your operating system which supports Windows, Mac, Linux and online applications.

AlternativeTo’s interface is simple and easy to use, all you need to do is, just select the application which you feel like finding an alternative and you will be generated with a list and rating of applications which is alternate to your selected application.

Example – I selected Adobe Photoshop, which many use it illegally. So what is the best alternative for adobe photoshop ? First you need to click the link which is showing find alternatives (see below picture)

Then, after clicking the find alternative link, you can see the best alternatives for adobe photoshop. The best part is, it not only generates the alternative softwares, but also show us what people think on twitter about the software adobe photoshop.

You have different categories of applications according to Operating system like windows, mac, linux and also seperate section for online applications.


Don’t forget to express your views about the website and let us know if there is any similar service :-)

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  1. Sukhjit Singh says:

    Nice find bro!!!

  2. Shayon says:

    I have something to add here. Also try out, that gives you open source alternatives of the software you have been using till date.

  3. Yeah I am also against Piracy that’s why I use OpenOffice rather than spending a lot of bucks to but MS Office.

  4. Geniuzs says:

    Srivathsan, what you are pointing out is true. All should use the Genuine Softwares. But unfortunately, India or the developing countries cannot to afford doing so. Reasons are simple. “Why pay or shell out thousands when the same is available for free” is the concept. Have you given it a thought that when it comes to using Genuine Software say for instance, Ubuntu or GIMP, there are practically no online support available for these as compared to the other costly Products. Have You Done A Search on Google for UBUNTU – Train me? Do the same for Windows – Train me and you would know the difference. 1. People would consider the Genuine Softwares if they were cheaper – Microsoft’s fee is too high and 2. They had enough documentation so that they could be learnt without investment.
    I have been using Fedora but I am a Professional working as an IT consultant and Computer Researcher for some Organizations. So I feel that unless these points are considered. Piracy Can never be stopped/ mindsets cannot be changed.

    • What you said is correct, I agree with you.. Mindsets cannot be changed. But I mainly wanted to raise the
      awareness of using pirated softwares and people should also know that there are other alternative softwares which are available free on the market.

      • Geniuzs says:

        Accepted. It would be great if we can try posting out some thing to make people realise that good things exist for these opensource products too. Of late, some sites and people are doing this. Would like to join in the campaign.

  5. Jaky Astik says:

    I’m writing a post on piracy. Will link this post :)

  6. Jitendra Kumar says:

    you can also find alternative of major commercial software at

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