Browse your Files in a Stylish way without Clutter – StandaloneStack 2


Everyone will be using only windows explorer to browse your files on pc, but today we have a new app which helps us to browse files in a stylish way. If you have used rocketdock which customizes your desktop, the same way this standalonestack helps you to customize your files and folders from desktop.

StandaloneStack2 is a simple utility which customizes files and folders present in your Pc in a fashionable way. All you need to do is, just download the StandaloneStack2 and unzip the files in the desired folder. Just run standalonestack2.exe to create and customize your stack !

After clicking the exe file, create your own stack by selecting the drives and tweak some settings for elegant look. That’s it. Now you can browse your files in a cool way.

Steps that you need to do :

1. Download the StandaloneStack2

2. Unzip it and Double click the StandaloneStack2.exe

3. Click the New stack option > Enter the stack name > Choose the folder you want in your stack.

4. You can select if you want to open it as stack, grid or automatic.

5. Select the direction like up, down, right or left.

6. Click Create Stack > Create the shortcut of the Stack.

After creating the shortcut, Just double click the shortcut which you have created. You can browse the files easily.

Cool, now you can navigate the files and folders from your desktop shortcut in a stylish way.

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