Best 5 Alternatives for RSS Feed Reader


For people who don’t know what is RSS, let me briefly explain. There are number of ways that you can keep track of your favorite website and get updates. One of the major thing is RSS Feed. No need of bookmarking a website and visiting again and again to know what is new on the website. Instead, you can use RSS Feed and keep track of newly added things. So, where can you find this RSS Feed reader ? You have it with in your own Google account. Yes, Google reader is a web based aggregator which is capable of reading RSS Feeds online.

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Many bloggers and readers out there use Google reader or Feed Demon or Net Newswire which are the best RSS Feed readers around the web. As we all know RSS is the latest trend to keep up with the new post on websites, but there are some people who don’t like to use RSS or they don’t know to use it, adding to that many websites don’t offer RSS Feeds. So what is the solution for all these issues ?

As I already mentioned, it may sound little old (I agree RSS is the latest trend) but for people out there with some issues, website monitoring service would be a great solution for tracking the changes in a website. They don’t mind whether the website provides RSS Feeds or not, they give you the latest information which is added to your favorite website.

Best 5 Alternatives for RSS Feed Reader

1. Update Scanner

Update Scanner is a Firefox Add-on which places a icon in the Status bar and Monitors web pages for updates. Useful for websites that don’t provide Atom or RSS feeds. You can select the time interval between how often the sites are scanned for updates.

update scanner page

update scanner settings

2. WatchThatPage

WatchThatPage is a service that enables you to automatically collect new information from your favorite pages on the Internet. You select which pages to monitor, and WatchThatPage will find which pages have changed, and collect all the new content for you. The new information is presented to you in an email. This service is Free.


3. Page2RSS

Page2RSS is a decent page monitoring service that helps you monitor web sites that do not publish feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS reader. Page2Rss browser bookmark helps you to create Page2RSS feed for the page you are currently viewing. This is an easy and convenient way for you to create feeds for pages you are surfing.


4. ChangeDetection

Change Detection is similar to WatchthatPage, its a website monitoring and notification services. All you need to do is, fill up the form with your favorite website, they will alert you by email when they detect change in page text.


5. Changes Meter

Changes Meter is a desktop app for OS X for monitoring websites. It doesn’t show you the specific changes to the sites you choose. It does tell you when they’re updated, though, which might be good enough when you’re talking about eBay options or the latest update to the Apple Store. It’s also compatible with Growl, so you can get a pop-up alert as soon as a change occurs.

changes meter OSX

I personally recommend to use Google reader or Feed demon RSS Feed reader to keep track of changes in websites. via

Which is your Favorite RSS reader ? Do share with us :-)

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  1. Sukhjit Singh says:

    Thanks, but I prefer Google Reader. :-)

  2. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Earlier I used RSS Owl.. I didn’t get time for checking others.. but will check one of the above listed readers..! ;)

  3. Hari says:

    Nice Post.

    I was just thinking of this.

  4. Sidduz says:

    kewl article dude, will try em out…..

  5. Siddhu says:

    The first pic about the ‘rss business man’ pic is awesome :D I normally stick to feed demon and google feed reader…

  6. Hi, first time came to this blog and I added it to my feed reader. ;)
    Nice article. :)
    .-= Prashant(PD)´s last blog ..दो बजिया वैराग्य पार्ट थ्री =-.

  7. ajeet says:

    i used rss feed reader will try above soon

  8. Tanyaporn Singchalee says:

    Thank you very much for useful info — I learned a lot from you!

  9. Murugappan says:

    and what about twitter?

    • Feed reader and Twitter ? how are they both linked ?

      • Murugappan says:

        Will tell you. I am not subscribed to your feed; yet, i am following your twitter profile. Where, for sure, you will tweet about the latest post you have written in your blog.
        The only difference is:
        In a feed reader, i am fed only with your blog and in twitter, i am fed both with you and your blog! :)

  10. Vikram says:

    I too am liking the website based readers, or business news I check out

  11. I use Google Reader ;)

  12. Interesting post dude.Thank you.

  13. nk says:

    I use Channelorama. It has a highly customizable layout, ease of storing channels in separate folders and a unique way of displaying YouTube feeds. Its pretty neat!

  14. Michelle says:

    There is one more at It not only lets you follow your favourite Rss feeds but news from any topic. It also offers a RSS Mixer.

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