Alternative for Firefox : Maxthon Full-Featured Browser


I totally agree, nothing can race with Firefox. But when talking about web browsers, this one came up close to Firefox and has many features which other top browsers missed. It is Free for all and has over 300 million downloads worldwide! Let’s take a look into Maxthon – featured browser.

Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience.

Features of Maxthon Browser – Why it is different from other browsers ?

* Maxthon works the way you want it to, You can swap, add, move, remove, and change Maxthon’s tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts.

* Tabbed browsing helps to ease your navigation.

* Anti-Freeze technology. You don’t get freezed while browsing, makes your surfing more fluent.

* Super Acceleration Mode can improve your browse speed even more.

* Assign a name to your favorite website and then visit it by simply typing the name in the Address Bar.

* Closed a tab by mistake? There is always a chance to get them back with the Undo List.

* If you don’t like menus, hotkeys, you can use mouse gestures.

* You have 1,400 plug-ins to chose from, which enhances users experience.

* The built-in Ad Hunter, which helps us from irritating ads.

* Filter packs screen out offensive and irritating Web pages, and you decide what’s offensive and irritating.

* Fill all the forms with Magic Fill by a single click. It can recognize almost any form fields automatically.

* Built-in Feed Reader makes you to enjoy reading just by subscribing to any blog.

* Open one or more website with only one key.

* Screen capture tool included. Capture Full Screen, Selected Area, Selected Window and Page Content as an image.

* Web Sniffer can help you find the real URLs of FLV video file on those online video website.

* Maxthon is 100% free of viruses, spyware, adware – any kind of malware.

MaxthonHomepage | Download

Well, all these features will tell you how powerful is maxthon browser. Just use it for once and then feel the difference.

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  1. Robinson says:

    have you ever tried FLOCK web browser bro ?

  2. abhi says:

    Maxthon works on IE framework and i dont like it much.

  3. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Robinson – yeah, i have used it.. it is more like a social media browser :)

    @abhi – yes bro, it works on ie framework.. but i loved its features ..

  4. arshad says:

    its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..Mobiles Handsets

  5. Pramodh says:

    I had used this browser… It works well and has a lot of features too! But, the thing is that it is based on the IE browser… and not gecko…

  6. Siddharth says:

    well.. you always have some creative posts.. unlike the same things :)

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