Where to Learn Good Digital Photography Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for Free


Internet is a great place today for reliable information on anything you need. I always have a little passion for photography, and when googling about tips and tweaks to understand the capabilities of digital camera, I came across certain websites which are very much useful to pass as a good photographer.

List of Some useful websites for Learning Digital Photography :

Digital Photography School :

Darren Rowse, the guy behind Digital Photography School, teaches us how to use our digital camera with Digital Photography Tips and the community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in understanding of photography.
I recommend this learning school to all my readers and one of the best around the web.

Geoff Lawrence :

This digital photography tutorial site will show you how to take better photographs. Each photo tutorial will help you turn your ‘snaps’ into a picture that will delight your viewers rather than bore the pants off them. Most of the content applies equally to either digital or film photography.

Digital Cameras help :

This site will help you from basic photographic tips to high end tutorials like natural, macro, night photography tips and tweaks.

Digital Photography Tips :

Looking for digital photography tutorials? The digital photography instruction on these pages are like having a photography expert at your side, helping you take better photos!

Basic Digital Photography :

Are you having trouble selecting a digital camera? Perhaps you’re having problems editing, organizing or printing your digital photos. Maybe you’ve been taking digital photos for some time but have never obtained the quality shots you wanted. This website will help you for sure.

The Digital Photography Connection :

It gives you free quality training and information to all digital photographers.

Short Courses :

Perfect guide to digital camera and other photographic equipment. It deals from what is a digital photograph to studio equipment.

Camera Town :

One of the best resource for photography, reviews and tutorials.

Woven Shadows :

Jerry Hyman helps you in a proper way to deal with digital photography by sharing his joys of photography with others.

Layers Magazine :

Free Digital Photography Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials.

I know there are many other good sites for learning digital photography. Please share with us through comments and tell us which is your favourite website for learning digital photography and Please share what digital camera do you use?

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  1. My favorite blog is Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography School. I use the 8 megapixel autofocus Kodak. I have never used anything but Kodak, I love it so much! And all of Darren’s blogs are the best.

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