Quickly Create a System Restore Point in One Click : Quick Restore Maker


From the famous The Windows Club, another useful utility released Quick Restore Maker, is a freeware and portable (for Vista and 7) that creates a system restore point in one click, which is still faster than handling classic.

Normally on windows, to create a system restore point, you need to open control panel, then System protection box, then open the system restore utility to create a restore point.

Quick Restore Maker allows you to create one in a single click. The restore point so generated is named as ‘QuickRestoreMaker Generated’ point. All you need to do is, just download and extract the zip file, place the program folder in your Program Files folder and the shortcut of its exe file to your Start Menu.

That’s it! so when ever you install some risky software or tweak you system, click on the icon to create a restore point first.

Quick Restore MakerDownload

via [thewindowsclub]

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