Preview Your Links and Images without Opening a New tab or Window


You might have noticed the snap preview on wordpress blogs, If you move mouse hover the link, it shows you the webpage on a small box. So that you can scroll down and view the webpage preview without going to the page directly. Same kind of thing now for your Firefox browser. You can watch preview of links and images in Firefox browser with small add-on.

CoolPreviews is all about browsing faster. The customizable preview window lets you preview or browse just about any link without ever leaving your current page or tab. No more need to click in and out of tabs.

Once you have installed the extension and started browsing, watch for the small “CoolPreviews Icon” beside links when you hover over them. Move your mouse over the “CoolPreviews Icon” to open the “Preview Window”. Same way for images too, hover your mouse over the image and the “Preview Window” will quickly open up.

On the preview window, you can see a small lock icon, by which you can lock or unlock the preview window. For more preferences, on the status bar you can see a cool previews icon. Click on the icon to check out the preferences.

Some benefits of Cool Preview Add-on :

# Browse faster
# Preview web links, images, and videos without leaving your current page or tab.
# Automatically subsearch Google, Wikipedia, and others by right-clicking on any phrase.

# Temporarily bookmark items to the right column with its unique “stacks” feature.
# Instantly send links to friends and family with just a click.
# View Google & Yahoo Image Search in full-screen mode.

Customize the add-on :

# Control how the preview window opens, i.e. mouseover icon on/off, etc.
# Control the sensitivity of the preview window

# Toggle previews on/off on any specific site.
# Use browser’s font size setting.
# Select theme

Cool Preview Firefox Add-onDownload | Homepage

Worth a try and leave your comments -:))

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  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    its great before visiting any web page see in the same window I am already using it.

  2. arosh says:

    very very cool thing great work ! how can i use this to my own web site

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