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We have already seen many image editing tools for converting file types, resizing, watermarking etc. but, what we have seen are all separate tools which you need to download it seperately and use them. Today we have a awesome tool which does all in one.

Images Mixer is small tool which allows you to perform multiple operations like convert image formats, resize, rename, apply a watermark or place them as wallpaper.

All you need to do is, download the tool and install it on your Pc. After installing, open it and first you need to change the language of the utility for better use, because it comes in two lang (french and english). So choose english for better use and proceed with the work.

Some of the features of Images Mixer are :

* Convert multiple image formats into one format

* Resize your images in batches

* Rename your images in batches

* Add a watermark to your images in batches

* Display the output images as wallpapers.

Just by drag and drop of images, you can convert image formats, resize, rename and watermark images in batches. To change the watermark pictures, just drag the icon of the watermark picture and add your own images for watermarks.

It Runs on Windows 32 bits 2000/XP/Vista/7 and requires Net Framework 2.0 or higher to use.

Images MixerDownload

I just found this tool very much useful for bloggers, so sharing with you all !

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  1. Pharmacy says:

    Will download and give it a try. Multiple operations can save my time atleast and i was looking for a tool for watermarking as well

  2. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Pharmacy – I was using photoscape, but after using Image mixer, very much addicted to it :)

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