Get Notified on Desktop When Your Website Falls Sick


Already we have seen 30+ tools to find the downtime of your website. All these web tools will help you when your blog or website is down and the listed tools will only send an email to you when your website is down. but, do we check our emails every hour or every 30 minutes ? So, we need to get alert immediately when our website goes down.

Today we have a desktop notifier application from Pingdom, which runs in the background and notifies you if your website is down. It uses the Pingdom uptime monitoring service and lets you easily get started right inside the application.

Just simple, download the notifier, install it and enter your credentials. It goes right away to the system tray and a icon appears. When your website is Up running, it shows you a green color icon. When it turns red, not so good.

Pingdom Desktop Notifier is free download and runs on windows xp, vista and win7.

One of the best app and must use for all website owners :)

Pingdom desktop notifierDownload | Homepage


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  1. Provamsi @ India365 says:

    That's got to be a handy software, I should try this one. ;)

  2. how to become a police officer says:

    wow interesting post and the good software I will try this one and thank you about your blog

  3. Chethan says:

    Pingdom sounds great!

  4. shivaraj says:

    Thats great buddy,
    thanks for info.

  5. Paritosh says:

    I use email alerts as am not online always.. Besides i prefer email..

  6. Srivathsan GK says:

    @Provamsi – Not only you, Every web masters should try this one :))

    @chethan – I always use pingdom, btw what you were using ?

    @Shivaraj – thank you bud :)

    @paritosh – Good, Many sites provide only email alerts :)

  7. Thats an awesome application :)
    This will definitely be useful to webmasters for sure.

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