Create Personalized Calendars in 5 minutes : CalendarPainter


With this little software, you can create a calendar with awesome designs. It mainly supports holidays and birthdays. So just make one and take a printout. So whenever you need to wish someone for their birthdays or any anniversary, You can do it without forgetting.

CalendarPainter is a picture calendar which provides 3 types of calendar designs. You can also add bitmap image to any of the month, or select your own color for any month or week frames. The created calendar can be saved so it is possible to reuse it.

Some of the best features of Calendar Painter are :

* Holidays can be added and occuring rules can be defined so the program will recalculate them for a year automatically.

* Birthdays can be added.

* Calendars can be printed in portrait format and in landscape format as well.

* CalendarPainter is free – so you do not have to pay anything!

How to Create a Calendar ?

All you need to do is download the calendar painter and install it on your pc.

* Open the software and Click “New Calendar” in the calendar list at the left side.

* Enter the calendar title and Enter the calendar year.

* Select the first week day to start with. (eg: sunday or monday)

* Select the calendar type (1month per page, 3 months per page and 12 months per page)

* Select the mode (Portrait or Landscape)

* You can select the color frames, add pictures etc..

* Select the holidays

* Select birthdays that you need to remind

* Printing or Save the calendar

That’s it ! Now you’re ready with your Calendar.

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