Best 5 Popular and Eye-Catching Toolbars for your Blog


I am sure you might have noticed many top websites like, etc are using toolbars and do you need one for your blog ? Before getting it, let me tell you the uses of these toolbars. Why should you use it ? What are its advantages ?

My personal view is, every noob blog should use these toolbar, because it can boost up your pageviews, comments, sharing on social media, your twitter followers, it also offers online chat and finally your RSS subscription.

Best 5 Toolbars for your Blog :

1. Meebo Bar

You can see the meebo bar down the page. I’m using it past 2 months and it has improved my blog’s performance. All you need to do is, just signup and get your code. You can customize the toolbar by adding facebook fanpage, twitter page, recent post tab, sitemap etc. You can also see the statistics on pageviews, articles which are share on social media etc. You can check the live demo here in this blog right down.

2. Wibiya Bar

Before getting my hands into meebo bar, I was using this wibiya toolbar. It has nice interface starting with search box, online counter, translate widget, random and latest post button, twitter dashboard, facebook page, sharing tool, live notification etc. You can also customize the toolbar and track the statistics. You can check the live demo here.

3. Extendy

Extendy lets visitors share their favorite pages, search your content, view your latest tweets and blog posts, connect with you across social networks, and more. Just signup, insert the code, customize and finally check the reports. You can check the live demo here.

4. Gigya Toolbar

The Gigya Toolbar increases your blog’s traffic and provides an opprtunity to make extra revenues. It supports 80 social destinations including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo. It does not affect page load time! This toolbar is only for wordpress users. You can check the live demo here.

5. Drag-To-Share

With this wordpress plugin, news stories and interesting articles on your blog can be shared to social networking sites. click and hold on an image and can then drag it into a toolbar to share it. You can check the live demo here.

Got something to say ? Are you using any other toolbar for your blog ? Please share in the comments !

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  1. Nandan says:

    Meemo bar is very beautiful and thanks for sharing something new.

  2. vijay says:

    Hi sri you publishing new,always interesting articles every time.Thanks…

  3. Siddartha says:

    KEWL article dude!! I think i should start using them. Of all I love Gigya Tool Bar. Thnx for sharing

  4. Arun says:

    great thxx a lot bro

  5. Steve says:

    The tool-bars bother me quite a bit when i get to blog with one. Especially if there is one at the bottom.

  6. colon cleanse says:

    nice article thank you for shearing your great post thank you

  7. Pharmacy says:

    Havent used such toolbars on any my blog yet as i didnt knew the best one to use. These toolbars looks gr8 and yea really helpful to increase our blog performance

  8. Shenba says:

    Meemo bar looks good in my blog now ..Thanks mate :)


  9. neil says:

    Meemo suits all kind of blog. Looks super cool in my blog. I am very thankful to you.

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  10. Miriam says:

    BumpIn social bar offers the most comprehensive customization of the social bar to suit the theme and feel of your website. The best thing I liked is it does not slow down the processing at all and I just love the cross IM feature.
    You too check it out

  11. simi says:

    kewl bars.. Srivathsan G.K- good job.. Description of BumpIn social bar is missing.. I think its in beta phase but definitely worth a review.. It has a few striking features: shout box embedded and multi IM.

    *thumbs up*

  12. good list of toolbars, We prefer Social Toolbar Pro over them all.

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