Best 5 FLV Media Players for Free Download


You might be knowing this .flv extension for some video files, yeah when you download videos from websites like YouTube, the video file format will be .flv so, here I have collected best five FLV media players to play all flv media file extensions.

1. Applian FLV Player

The Applian FLV Player plays FLV files on any windows pc and It has drag-and-drop multiple files feature with easy to use, and you can view videos at 1x, 2x or even full screen.

Applian FLV PlayerDownload

2. FLV Player Adobe AIR

This flv player app is based on adobe AIR and has components like Play / Pause, SeekBar, VolumeBar. We can open the movie clip with (*flv) from Pc and also from web url.

FLV Player in AIRDownload

3. FLVPlayer HD

FLVPlayer HD is an application that runs files. FLV (Flash video). You can easily play your FLV videos.

FLV Player HDDownload

4. Wimpy Desktop FLV Player

Wimpy flv player is a cross platform (Mac and PC) standalone Flash Video FLV player. The Wimpy FLV Player will allow you to watch your FLV and SWF videos from your desktop.

Wimpy FLV PlayerDownload

5. Moyea FLV Player

It is an easy-to-use freeware, and it is especially designed for playing FLV files on your local hard disk or online via accessing URL of Flash videos directly.

Moyea FLV PlayerDownload

Finally if you don’t want to try any of the media players mentioned above, you can always go with your fav windows media player just by upgrading this plugin.

PlayFLV is an installation package that enables Windows Media Player to play FLV (Flash Video) files. It enables Windows Media Player to playback FLV files and features all default functions, such as zooming, skipping and full screen view.


Got something to say ? Do you use any other media players for playing your .flv files ?

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  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing with us I use Total VIDEO Player TVP its amazing. But Could give a try to your list

  2. vijay says:

    Good info useful for all…

  3. Rahul Singh says:

    Useful softwares. is there any flv player to stream youtube?

  4. KCH says:

    These look like great players, but can they queue .flv files? The other players I’ve seen will only play one .flv file at a time (not one after another), which is kind of a pain.

  5. good i likes it’s thank to madras cennai

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